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I've read posts on so many hundreds of times, I figured it was about time I joined up =D


We have a 10 month old baby boy, and we own a toy store.  We're still trying to figure out how we're going to navigate those waters as he gets older and realizes what mommy and daddy do for a living.  I suggested to my husband that we could tell him that we work for foreign affairs and we're spies. ;>


We live in Ottawa, Canada.  We lived in Germany for some time previously, where I studied wind energy, and where some of my family is (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, & Italy).  We love travelling to Europe, and we're self-professed 'germanophiles'.  Our great project now though is to improve our french, living in Ottawa (bilingual city) and to support our son learning at a young age.


We've co-slept from the start, and we're now wondering how we're going to work it once he starts being more active (waking up in the night and crawling out of bed?), and how to get him used to falling asleep for naps and nighttime as more of a big boy.  So, that's on our minds as of late. 


And picnics and parks and springtime, yay!


Looking forward to bumping into you all in the forums.