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Hi all, I am trying for my second baby. This is my fourth cycle trying.. I'm on CD 13. My cycles have been very unpredictable since they returned when my son was 22 months. He weaned at 34 months. Before weaning they were about 41 days and I went on and off birth control to try to straighten them out. They have been different lengths each month since. From 25-30 days. 


This is my first month charting with temps. I charted with my son but without temps. I am on CD 13 and have had watery CM since my period ended, in abundance. I usually get some EWCM but haven't yet. This month I am doing some thing different. I am taking maca, vitex, royal jelly and bee pollen. I started the royal jelly and bee pollen because I know they can aid in fertility and the maca and vitex because I have spotting for 2-3 days before and 2-3 days after each period and am afraid it is related to low progesterone and high prolactin levels. I had been taking evening primrose oil until day 11 when I read it can delay ovulation so I stopped it.


I normally get a high, soft and open cervix around days 13-15 along with EWCM. I had a little bit of EWCM on day 11 in the evening.. Last month my cycle was 26 days with fertile CM on days 11 and 12.. This month I really don't feel like I am progressing toward ovulation. No EWCM, cervix is higher today and yesterday but medium and barely open. I have been using OPKs for the first time this month and they have been VERY negative, with only a shadow of a second line. I have seen pictures of the progression that normally happens.. 


I am starting to worry that maybe I don't even ovulate at all anymore. Since I've never temped before I have no idea.. My temperature is holding around 36.10-36.20 over the last few days. Does it always drop at ovulation before rising? Because it has been going up slightly each day. 


I conceived my son the first month trying. So this is all new to me. I know 3 and a half cycles isn't even all that long, but I am scared that maybe something is off? I have had some cramping and twinges on the right side.. To total lack of a second line on OPKs is worrying me..


I'm also using instead cups after intercourse this month.. did for the first time on Sunday, expecting for ovulation by Thursday or Friday. Will be trying again tonight.. Just would love some signs that ovulation is close!