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Feeling lost after DD's 1st dentist visit...Help!

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Took DD (3.5yrs) to her first dental exam and got alot of heat for the non flouride choices I've made. As it turns out she has 8 cavities!! They are all in the back and are due to her teeth being so tight together. The plan of care was 1) general anesthesia to get all 8 done at once or 2) try to do two at a time in 4 separate appointments with DD awake. They want to do 7 fillings and 1 crown, which is basically a root canal! When I told them I needed to discuss the options with her father first they warned me that they would call CYS if I didn't contact them back to proceed. I was mortified and I'm sure it was all stemming from the flouride choices! At this point I am wondering if I should even go back to them. I'd like to find a holistic dentist and get a 2nd opinion on the treatment plan. Is it me or does it seem crazy to treat her in the ways they suggested? I am not (yet) informed on any of this and I feel so ignorant right now. Any help or suggestions would be great! TIA!
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I can't offer any advice--sorry!--just commiseration. Just got back from our 1st dentist appt as well (my son is 22 months) and got lots of heat as well for no-flouride and nursing at night. Now I'm feeling super insecure about our choices to co-sleep and night nurse, and to avoid flouride until later---it's a terrible feeling! I would definitely get the opinion of a second (holistic) dentist if I were you. 8 fillings sound pretty intense. The dentist we saw was a bit more moderate---she said flouride treatments would be enough to control the cavities for now, as long as we cut out the night nursing. She's the only dentist our insurance covers, so we're sort of stuck, but I'm definitely going to do as much research as I can about healing cavities naturally. Best of luck to you and your little one!

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I wouldn't take my kid back to them for sure, especially if they threatened to call CPS on you.  That's ridiculous.  I'd definitely seek a second opinion, but make sure I got the care she needed to protect yourself from unnecessary intervention (if CPS gets called, ext.).  

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I would not go back to them either. Just curious, are your children on Medicaid or something of that nature? I know two other moms who were threatened with the same, both regarding extensive dental treatment, both of them had children on Medicaid. The fact that they are demanding you choose them as a provider sends up red flags. My son was once on Medicaid and we felt that at one point his pediatrician was nearing what your dentist is threatening to do, only it was regarding vaccinations. We found another doctor. You have every right to to find another provider and get a second opinion. Are are cavities between here teeth? Fluoride wouldn't be able to reach that area anyway.

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