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What materials are used for a Moby sling?

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I would like to get a Moby, but it seems a bit unwise to me to spent $50 for a long piece of cloth. Am I wrong? I was thinking about just going to a fabric store, and getting a piece of fabric instead. Any suggestions on what I should look for? What kind of material? What length and width? Thank you in advance!!

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If my baby wasn't born in August in Hawaii (too hot!), I would have done this no-sew DIY stretchy wrap. Actually, it makes 3: http://www.anktangle.com/2010/08/no-sew-wrap.html

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Well, the Moby is made of a really sturdy cotton jersey material.  Around here that runs easily $10-15/yd.  And the Moby is what... about 4 yds long (5? never actually measured it)?  Making one isn't terribly difficult, but (at least here) you're not going to see a whole lot of cost savings by doing so.  You might want to look around for a used one - many mamas get them as gifts and wind up not using them, so they're often nearly new, I've found several for $20 at consignment shops. 

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Thank you very much ladies. I am going to look into both options.

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Hi there!  It is very easy to make your own wrap carrier.  They are typically 5 yards long.  I actually make and sell them on etsy.  From a length of fabric off the bolt, you actually get TWO wraps, because if is cut in half length wise.  Depending on the price of fabric you buy, you may pay more to make it yourself.  If you coupon and hit a good deal, you may save money . . . and then you can use the rest of the fabric to make one for a friend!!  


If you want the carrier to last longer than three months or so, I would suggest making it out of medium weight linen.  Moby wraps are made from jersey knit and it is too stretchy once baby gets a bit heavier.  The linen will last you until baby is too heavy for you to carry (as opposed to being to heavy for the carrier to carry!)


Good luck!  Wraps are a fantastic way to carry your little one :)

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