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This Spring, the nonprofit organization Family and Home Network is offering free Transitioning Home online discussion groups to first-time parents of infants born between June and November, 2011. Over many years, FAHN heard from thousands of parents about their struggles to make the transition from a focus on career to a life at home focused on caring for children. For parents making this transition, FAHN developed the Transitioning Home readings (including many essays from Welcome Home) and discussion materials.


I’ve been volunteering with the organization since my own kids were young (I’m now a grandma!) and I’ll be facilitating these discussions. Small groups of parents will meet weekly online, using Google+ hangouts. For 90 minutes once a week participants will meet to discuss their thoughts, feelings and experiences; between meetings there are optional readings.


 Please see the Transitioning Home page for more information and to enroll (or to indicate interest in future groups).