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Ultrasound at "6 weeks", no fetal pole :(

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I went into the urgent care for bad cramping yesterday (which i thoughw as from heartburn, gas and constipation). The doctor ordered a scan for me to rule out the possibility of an eptopic pregnancy. Thank God, they found it to be a uterine pregnancy. However, the ultrasound tech asked me "are you SURE when your last period was?"


My last period was on January 31, after a 47 day cycle. I got a positive OPK test on February 22, and my OB confirmed I ovulated around then via a progesterone blood draw. From my calculations, I should be about 6 weeks....


It appears that sac in 9mm, indicative of a w week and 6 day pregnancy, MAX 5 weeks and 5 days. The doc told me that they couldn't see a fetal pole-- meaning it is possible that I could be losing the baby :(  In fact, the doctor said "we can't tell, but I'm leaning towards a bad pregnancy..." (talk about patient care over the phone)..


My hcg level was at 7, 027 yesterday - going to get another draw tomorrow morning to see if it increases... I go in on Friday afternnon to get the results.


Someone please help me... any advice? I'm terried ..

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Ugh... I'm so sorry they said what they did.  Even if they weren't sure on the ultrasound, they handled talking to you about it completely wrong in my opinion!!  It sounds like they aren't very professional.  Unless you're bleeding, I wouldn't put stock in what they had to say about the ultrasound.  Just wait and see how the blood tests come out... much easier said than done I'm sure.  ((((HUGS))))

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First of all, 6 weeks is early to see a baby on ultrasound. Things are moving so quickly at this stage of pregnancy that a few days make a huge difference. I've had an ultrasound at 6w1d where they saw a heart beat, but I lost that baby two weeks later. I had another u/s at late 5 weeks where all they saw was a sac, and that baby is taking a nap right next to me.


Second, your cycles are long if you ovulated on the 22nd, and it seems to me that the ultrasound tech was going by LMP rather than O date, which would put you at 7 weeks pregnant, at which point you should expect to see a fetal pole. My experience is that doctors don't really trust women to know when they O'd, and they're very likely to ignore what you say about that and go solely on LMP. At least, my doctors always did.irked.gif


Third, any number of factors could cause you to be further 'behind' what is expected at this stage of gestation. Late implantation, for example, could cause this, as could having a tilted or bicornuate uterus.


Finally, there's no way to know for certain what's going on now. Your hcg draw will give you some answers, but right now it's anybody's guess what will happen - the same can be said for all of us, really. The only way to know for certain about a miscarriage at this stage is if you start bleeding heavily. Pretty much anything else is within the realm of normal pregnancy. At 7 or 8 weeks, you can be a lot more certain from an ultrasound, but at 6 weeks it's just too early to panic yet. And I know (from experience) that it's easier said than done. But still, try your hardest not to worry until you have a good reason for it, okay? hug2.gif

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I had a similar issue with DS. The Doctor told me at an ultrasound at 6 weeks (on a friday) that I had already miscarried or was about to. I had cramping prior to that and spotting that is why they did an ultrasound at that point. They said they didnt see anything and there was no way an embryo was in there.  So I freaked out and went out drinking (bad idea). Then on monday after a bloodtest, he called and said "my hormone levels were raising nicely". I was blindsided. 


My son is completely healthy and normal, thank god. But it just goes to show, ultrasounds (especially really early ones) are sometimes inaccurate. So my advise is to just relax, pray for the best, let your body do its work and dont go out partying like I did :S 


Also read the thread about "Dont let this happen to you" in this group, I wouldnt let your doctor try to force anything out of you at this point, especially if it could end up being a healthy fetus. My feeling is the body will miscarry anything naturally before 12 weeks without medical intervention. if it's not  meant to be.


Hugs! I will pray for you hug2.gif

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OPKs detect the hormone LH which surged before ovulation.  You can get positive OPKs for days before you actually ovulate.  Were you temping as well?  Without temping you can't be sure...and I always followed my OPKs back to negative and charted/temped.


That said, you might be way earlier than 6 weeks.  I would wait it out and see what happens.  Hang in there.

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I had my first prenatal appointment today and had the same thing happen. :( I am 6w4d according to the size of my uterus, which is on track with my calculations, too. My NP said it's either too early or it could be a "blighted ovum" (miscarriage). They did some bloodwork today and I need to go back on Thursday to have it done again (I guess so they can see if my HCG is rising?). Then back for another ultrasound next Thursday, 4/5. It's going to be a long week...

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