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Is it common to lose nausea in 11th week of pregnancy?

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Hello All,

I was just wondering how many of you who are in your 11th week have noticed a dramatic decrease in nausea and an increase of energy.  I have my first scan on the 30th of March, not this Friday, but next and am getting very anxious because of my nausea decreasing.


I had a missed miscarriage in August and am so worried that the same scenerio will play out.  Last time, I noticed at 10 weeks all my symptoms fell away over night (this time it has been a gradual decrease in the past 5 days) and I went to get checked and they found no heartbeat and that my baby was under size for the age.


I suppose, ultimately, I will not be able to get true reassurance until my scan, but I am wondering how many other women in the 11th week or thereabouts notice decrease in nausea and a return of energy.


My belly has popped out a bit and my jeans don't fit anymore.  I am praying that all is well.


Thanks in advance for your responses.


all the best,





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I did, Babanogi! Well, I lost nausea a couple of weeks earlier, but my energy increased and my libido returned in week 11. I checked around when it happened and it seems like it's pretty normal. I'm only in week 12 now, but we heard a healthy heartbeat yesterday.


I'm sure everything's just fine over there for you too. love.gif

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I'm 11 Weeks and I have the same concerns!!!  I had a M/C in October so i'm a little hyper sensitive to this as well.


I'm hearing that is is pretty normal to start feeling better around this time.  I had a scan at 8 weeks and saw a nice healthy lentil with heartbeat, and I can't wait for my next scan, which is next wednesday just to confirm that everything is going normally. 


I was doing lots of throwing up earlier, and I haven't thrown up in two weeks!!!  Yay!!  I even went to Zumba this morning, although I just sat on the couch for the rest of the day cause I used all my energy!!


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I'm just at 11 weeks yesterday.  I started feeling slightly better last week.  At least instead of sick and exhausted all day every day, I feel fairly good with just short waves of nausea every once in a while (esp if I haven't eaten in a while) for two to three days and then I have a day where I'm exhausted and on the verge of puking all day.  On those days my nausea is far worse than it had been up to this point.  Even on those days I still haven't been able to actually throw up.  I just make horrible gagging/wretching  noises all day.  


I get a little nervous too on the days I feel a bit better.  Hopefully we will be able to hear a heartbeat at the midwives apt. next week.

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Thanks for all your posts.  I am feeling a bit better.  I think perhaps the reason yesterday I found myself with absolutey no nausea is because I went out to a cafe at 11 am and downed a whole chicken dinner - it set me up for the day.  This morning I was able to brush my teeth without gagging on the mint toothpaste  but I took my temperature this morning before I got up out of bed and it was a nice high number - 98.6

so I'm glad that hasn't gone down to my pre-ovulation temps which were 97.2.  Has anyone else charted temps before getting pregnant and is anyone still taking temps now and again?


I do feel a bit queasy after breakfast today - what a welcomed friend!


Esma, good luck with your next scan. 


It's nerve wracking being pregnant, especially after a recent miscarriage.  I am trying to distract myself as much as I can.


Is anyone showing yet?  I have a bit of a swelling but i think 1/2 of it is bloating.


Good luck all and thanks for the reassurance!



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Babinogi - my nausea started letting up last week as I was getting to around 10 weeks. I only get little tiny waves every now and then. Sometimes I'm super tired and other days I feel great. But the nausea was never really that bad to begin with, so there wasn't a huge leap that needed to happen to feel better, fortunately.


I'm definitely starting to show. I'm just over 11 weeks, and I have quite the little belly. I can tell it's not just fat because when I lie down my stomach stays poofed out. Fun!

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Hi Bostonmummy, sounds good to hear another woman's nausea decreasing after 10 weeks.  I will have to try laying down and looking at my bump to see if it still stays poofed out - that made me laugh!


I am dreading my scan next week - both excited but nervous.  I just want to see movement and a heartbeat!

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Hi folks,

I am new here (figured that if I was going to join a DDC anywhere, it would be at Mothering!).  Just wanted to weigh in on this one.

Nausea and vomiting are very closely tied to HCG levels in the blood, and HCG levels start to plateau and diminish between 8 and 9 weeks (when the placenta is starting to take over hormone production, so high HCG levels are not needed anymore).  Up to this 9 week mark, HCG levels are increasing nearly exponentially, which is why morning sickness tends worsen up to this point and to peak around this time.  Then, HCG levels start to decrease, and this decrease is usually when women begin to feel a bit better.  So, feeling a little better by 10 weeks LMP is totally normal (in fact, you could say that it's 'textbook'!), and many women say that their morning sickness just about vanishes by 12 weeks LMP.  

If you look up Doc Google, on the other hand, you will find many pregnancy sites that talk about morning sickness that persists to the 14th, 16th, or even 20th week.  This tends to be exception, rather than the rule.  Not the right yardstick to measure against, in any case.

I understand the worry and anxiety, though.  I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks in August (baby had stopped developing at 9 weeks), and one of the things that I noticed was that my morning sickness pretty much disappeared overnight right around that time.  Disappearing, though, is much different than tapering, which it seems is what we are all experiencing.  Last Friday, I had an amazing, carefree, energetic day with just a twinge of nausea (and I wasn't even anxious about it because I had heard the baby's heartbeat the day before on the nurse's doppler).  Then, I had three pretty wretched days.  Now, I feel a little bit better.  As long as I eat regularly (ferocious appetite, anyone?), the nausea is pretty mild.  But yes, at this stage, ups and downs like this are also normal.  So enjoy the good days!  

Hope this helps!

Hugs to all,



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Also, just wanted to say that I will be 12 weeks on Saturday, just to put my comments on my diminishing morning sickness into perspective.  

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Thanks for your post Hansi. I hope I am, like you said, going through textbook experiences.  I hope I have nothing to worry about.  7 more days until the scan.  Got to find something to distract me.

I find the same as you - if I eat it keeps the nausea at bay. 


I wish us all luck for healthy bean stickers!



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