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What else can I do besides Meds.... ???

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  My son is 7 1/2 and has been on all types of medication and nothing seems to be working. He is on 50mg of Adderol and its not even having an effect. I dont want him on medication anymore if there is something else I could do to help him. Please give me some advice!


Thank you!

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Do you think he would be capable of cooperating with neurofeedback training?



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Has he been on different types or just several of the same type (such as methylphenidate)? If he has tried all types and had no improvement in symptoms I would consider revisiting the diagnosis with an interdisciplinary evaluation; we took ds to a hospital clinic after his initial diagnosis by a psychiatrist. I would do this before neurofeedback as the latter is very expensive, not normally covered by insurance, and doesn't seem to show results often enough to be considered a treatment for ADHD.



Generic Name Brand Name
dexmethylphenidate Focalin
dextroamphetamine Dexedrine


lisdexamfetamine Vyvanse
methylphenidate Concerta


Metadate CD


mixed salts amphetamine Adderall


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Are you sure he has ADHD?  Have you tried removing food dyes and artificial flavoring from his diet (www.feingold.org)?   For some children, food dyes and flavorings can cause ADHD behaviors.


Also, has he been tested for central auditory processing disorder?  On the outside, CAPD and ADHD look almost identical in presentation.  However, the organic causes are different (ADHD being a brain wiring issue vs. CAPD being the brain is not processing information it hears correctly).  

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Have you looked into Sensory Processing Disorder? I have ADHD and I had assumed thats what DS1 had because he had a lot of my issues, but he really has SPD and has been seeing an OT and it's been amazing. Even just the way we react to him now has made things so much better.

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The thing that immediately comes to mind is are you confident in his dx? Beyond that there are other meds you can try, sometimes one might not work and another can be great.   Also have you ruled out allergies (seasonal are bad right now and can look like horrible behavior because kids struggle with coping skills on top of them, food allergies can cause issues with everything from skin to behavior), tried Feingold or similar dietary restrictions, and adjusted his environment to manage sensory issues?


Our experience was that dc is very sensitive and would react aggressively even with low doses to most, however is fine on a low dose of one of the xr ones.  We also realized dc has anxiety problems which can be made worse by adhd meds and would manifest through fight or flight behaviors.  It has taken a long time to get that far though and it only clips the tip of the iceberg!



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There are essential oils that can work quite well. You can also find a good chiropractor that can work with you. Many people think they only deal with back pain but actually they can help with nutrition and other things that are helpful for ADHD. 

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My ex and I would send his daughter to school with coffee. She had to keep it at her desk so hence it was only for class time.  The caffine would allow her to focus as best as she could. It worked for a very long time. Following that I knew a gal that used chocolate cover coffee beans on her pre-teen, I would of course try coffee in small doses at home. If it works for your little one then you could work on how much is needed during class. 

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1. Martial arts classes can help teach concentration and focus. 




2. Some video games also help teach concentration and focus.



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Hi our paed wanted to put my son on meds for ADD but it turned out he really didn't have ADD but there was alot of stuff going on inside him. We got urine biochemistry done and put him on v specific supplements replacing what his body was missing and it worked wonders-good luck x

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