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My kitty :(

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My mom had to take "my" kitty to the vet this morning. She just told me his kidneys are failing greensad.gif

He lives with my parents, but we got him when I was on high school, and he attached to me. He's the sweetest kitty I've ever had, and I still miss him (I couldn't take him with me when I went to college, or when I moved across country). They might have to put him to sleep. First they will see if he responds to medicine, but I don't know that he will. He's the best cat ever, I'm just so sad.
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I know this was a week ago...I'm so sorry to hear about your sick kitty. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet, especially one from childhood.  To me they are family members.


I was really sad for a long time when our beautiful golden retriever (15 years old) had to be put down a few years ago. He had had a check up a few weeks before, the vet said he was doing great, then he got very weak and sick.  I took him back in and he had cancer all through is body and they could not save him with an operation so he was put down during the surgery so he didn't have to suffer any longer.  We got him when I was 12, and I had a really bad junior high experience and he was my best friend.  He came to live with DH and I as soon as we bought a house, so he was "my" dog for the last 5 years of his life and was still one of my best friends and truly a joy in my life.


I do know how you feel.  I hope your kitty pulled through and if not I'm very sorry for your loss. hug.gif

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Oh no!


Best wishes for peace for you and kitty, from me and my kitties.


They are furry family.  hug2.gif

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Aww, I'm so sorry for your sick kitty. If you're interested in any unsolicited advice, we had a kitty who was on heart medication which stressed his kidneys. Our holistic vet recommended cordyceps as well as a raw food diet if you're able to swing that. His kidneys held up ok to the huge amount of diuretics he was put on, so maybe the supplement helped? Well good luck to your furry little one.
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Thanks, my kitty was put to sleep a few days after I posted. His kidneys had gone downhill really fast, and the vet said there was nothing we could do. greensad.gif

He was the best kitty, and I'm glad he's not suffering anymore.
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