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How's your skin doing?

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Oh my goodness... my acne is out of control.  I had pimples (big ones!) as a teenager, on my forehead, but once I got pregnant with DD1 at 16, poof, they were gone.  And they stayed gone, until this one, baby #3. 


I'm starting the oil cleansing method because my face is so inflammed and I just need something to calm it down.  Soap really irritates it. 


Anyone have great skin this time around?  Anyone sharing in my misery?

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oh no! that is no fun. i had good results using oils to cleanse last year, before i got pregnant. i hope it works for you, too. 


my skin is actually looking decent. i was concerned, because it can be iffy during hormonal times, but once i got pregnant it cleared up. i'm hoping it stays this way but i won't be surprised if it freaks out on me soon. 

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WindyCityMom, sorry to hear about your skin!  i hope it gets better!  Isn't it lovely to have fine lines and zits at the same time?


I was having similar problems - horrid acne bumps all over my skin and pores that get clogged at the speed of light.  If I miss even one night-time face washing I have pimples the next day.  The most annoying pimples are the ones cropping up on my shoulders.  I use body scrub to wash those away.


I use castille soap to wash my face, because it has essential oils and gentle cleansers that don't irritate my skin.  Then witch hazel for the toner.  I decided to invest in a Clairsonic Mia facial cleansing brush and it is SO worth it.  Scrubs the funk out of my pores and keeps pimples at bay - but if I miss a day or two using it and just use my hands to watch my face the pimples start to come back.  Ick!  But, when I use it every day my skin glows and looks fantastic.


When I get desperate, I dab a little but of my Murad Sulfur acne stuff on a bad pimple, but I've been very sparing with that as it has a small amount of salicylic acid.  I only use that in the case of icky painful pimples. 

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I also have terrible acne. I don't recall this symptom before. In any of my pregnancies. I have a zit so big my DH asked "what that was on my face." eyesroll.gif
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the oil cleansing method worked wonders- I acutally woke up with the smaller ones gone!   now to keep it up...

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I had clear skin all through adolescence, and then for all two years of breastfeeding my son i was constantly broken out. Skin seems to be much clearer this time around, but I'm battling a dry flaky T-Zone, which I have never had before! I have been putting Vitamin E oil on it which seems to help, when I remember to do it. I hate having zits on my face, they make me feel so self conscious!
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Hmm, skin is actually doing pretty good now that you mention it!

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My skin sucks too. I've heard great things about the oil cleaning method and may have to try it.

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My skin is just semi-sucky... but that's still not fun!  It's totally dry/flaky on my cheeks, but my chin is breaking out :/   Not horribly breaking out, but still, three big red dots are three, big, annoying dots that I don't want there!!!

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My skin looks terrible, but has been slightly better since coming off the progesterone. My chest and back were all broken out too. Yuck.
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My skin normally looks AWESOME during pregnancy and I hardly have to pay it any attention (not pregnant, it's just lousy and I'm constantly battling acne). This time around, however, the acne has changed, yes, but it's just more irritated looking and spread out and reddish... luckily no big or painful pimples though. Just lots of little irritations all over and some EXTREME oil. I usually have oily skin but my oil control normally works wonders and now it's not keeping up. Really annoying! I was looking forward to the clear skin! lol
Holding out for the breastfeeding, maybe that'll help for a bit! ;)



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My chin has been breaking out which is unusual for me.  But the worst is my back and shoulders are broken out really bad with horrible HUGE pimples that hurt! 

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I have Zacne :) ...Zumba acne lol. Seems to be a fitness instructor thing. Spending way too much time in sweaty clothes is not good for any back I guess so I have bad breakouts on my back. I bought a tub of STRIDE pads and use them twice a day, plus some scrub. So far I don't see that it's getting better, but it also hasn't gotten worse. Here's to hoping. 


My face is good though, no breakouts there. 

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My face is pretty much clear (and pretty much like pre-pregnancy) but I've gotten sudden and bizarre back and upper shoulders acne in the last week or two. I don't usually shower every day, but I'm wondering if I need to start. What is the oil-cleansing meathod? What kind of oil do you use?
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I've been outta the loop here for a while, I just had to say... the oil cleansing method is like my new religion.  It is AMAZING and I got results right away.  I wash my face with honey in the AM and do the OCM at night. 


I wish I'd known about it when I was a teenager!! I've been doing it for about 5 months or so and I've gone from feeling like I need to wear foundation everyday to just covering up a stray zit or two to people complimenting me on my skin at the farmer's market!! (I've had terrible skin since I was 15 or so)


I use a mix of jojoba oil, castor oil and maybe a drop or two of tea tree or lavender.  You can read all about it here: http://www.crunchybetty.com/nitty-gritty-on-the-oil-cleansing-method


I can't say enough good things... it's a little 5 minutes of relaxing time at the end of the day... lovely!

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Has anyone had other skin problems besides acne?  During my first pregnancy (and its starting again during this one) I have a weird dry skin problem on my ring finger under my wedding rings.  It almost looks like an allergic reaction, but it went away after I had the baby.  I've also started to notice other small dry spots around my body.

That's really interesting! I had to take my wedding ring off about 3 weeks ago now because my finger was getting really itchy under it. I've worn that ring for six years without and reactions so that was really wierd for me too! I also find my skin feels dry and I'm getting dry, itchy patches on my legs. I'd sort of been thinking that it might be partly because we've had such a dry winter but I suppose there's a good chance it's yet another fun, fun pregnancy symptom! 


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I forgot all about the ring thing and dry spots. I haven't had that during this pregnancy or last one but I remember taking my ring in to be cleaned because my finger was suddenly getting very irritated underneath it (that actually helped out a lot) and I also had little circles of dry patches here and there (accompanied with little flesh toned bumps). You're not alone!

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LOL I had to tale my wedding rings off, too because of the dry itchiness. Interesting.

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