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Practical questions for head-covering women

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I've been covering my head for Lent this year.  5 weeks in and I feel I've given it some pretty good practice, but I'd love to have some tips for keeping everything in place and looking tidy!


I know there are lots of different ways that women express their covering, from a simple hair band to a full head scarf.  I feel most comfortable somewhere in between and have been wearing a scarf wrapped around my head or a bandana most days with my hair pinned up in the back or in two braids.


I can't keep those scarves up on my head!  I use bobby pins on the sides (and the top if it's a dark scarf, but this looks kind of wierd).  Everything slips back off my head and by the end of the day I'm pretty frizzy around the front and looking not-so-well-put-together.  I have lots of very slippery hair, so it feels thick, but the individual strands are quite thin and silky.  It's quite long (below my waist).


Any tips?

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I have found that the best way to secure a headscarf is to have a smaller cotton headband underneath. You can secure it with bobby pins from the back toward the front near your ears. Then place the headscarf over top. When I am tying it, I put my hair in a ponytail and then release my hair when everything is finished. It takes a lot of practice, but it gets easier and faster with time. Hope this helps and that you continue to practice this even after Lent is finished.

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I don't cover regularly, but I have covered. I had the same problem. Here is how I solved it:


1) a cotton underscarf. I used a bonnet type, with my hair in a bun, because it was necessary for the style of scarf I was wearing. That helped a lot because I could make it tight so it wouldn't move under any circumstance. I don't know how well other ones would stay without slipping. Headbands always slipped for me, so I knew they would then too.


2) pins! Straight pins, not safety pins. I used 1 under my chin, 1 on the top, horizontal to my face, 1 on each side, aimed down. With all those through the scarf below, it was not going anywhere. It also kept it looking neat and tidy. which was essential to me. 



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Also, try putting clips in your hair, then putting straight pins through the slips from the top of the scarf.  That will pin the scarf to your head, and keep it pretty secure.  Even better if you use an underscarf as well.

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You can also try the snappie barrettes (the metal ones that pop open and closed).  I use four, one one each side, and then one behind each ear.  They are nice because they come in so many colors.  =) 

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