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Sports bras for the well endowed

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I weaned DD 9 months ago, and I've resigned myself to the fact that my breasts are not going to shrink back to their normal size.  I'm trying to lose weight, but so far it's coming off everywhere but my chest. I think I may have to starve myself in order to get normal size boobs. *sigh*


So, I need to find a good quality size 34DD sports bra. Something that's comfortable, doesn't lose it's shape when soaked in sweat, if it's not ugly that's a bonus. And it has to do a good job keeping the girls under control.


Any suggestions? I used to be able to find good bras at Target, but their quality has gone really downhill. At this point I'm willing to pay whatever it takes to find something that's good and works.


Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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As a former 34J (now "down" to a 34H), I feel your pain!


Even when I was a "D/DD" cup, I couldn't find sports bras to fit me in "regular" stores, they just weren't supportive enough. I am lucky enough to work with some well-endowed women who told me about a boutique in a town 1.5 hours from me that carries all sizes and are specially trained in measurements, etc. - maybe you can find something like that near you?


If you can't find anything in the stores, I have been able to find some decent bras online at HerRoom.com. There's instructions for how to measure yourself, and I like that the reviews list the woman's bra size, so you can read reviews from women of similar size to get a more accurate idea of how it will work for you.

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There is a site called "Title Nine" that carries sports bras in various sizes and styles.  It's worth a check if you haven't already looked there.  http://www.titlenine.com/


I am a DD and found the best sports bra for me to look more like a regular bra, just inside out.  It's hard to explain but it may make sense if you see it in person. It looks a bit like this one:  http://www.titlenine.com/product/sports-bras-and-undies/underwire-bras/304600.do?sortby=ourPicks .  Something about the way the cups and wires are positioned hold me better than the traditional pull over bras. I found my original bra like that at Target, but they don't seem to carry them anymore. I've seen similar "inside out" bras at Kohl's.  http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/intimates/bras/sports/PRD~402415/Lily+of+France+In+Action+Cotton+Sports+Bra++1755.jsp

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Thank you, ladies!!!! joy.gif


This is very helpful information. Now I need to get shopping!

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Yeah, jeez, I was a 32G pre-pregnancy and nursing. 

I use www.bravissimo.com with good results, as well as www.herroom.com.



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the absolute best sports bra i have ever had is the Enell. http://www.breakoutbras.com/product/Elomi-Energise-Underwire-Sports-Bra/Sports-Bras

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I love the enell (and I am sporting an M cup!) Title 9 is great, so is bravissimo both for regular bras, but the enell is the best for holding the ladies down!

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