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Packing List!

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Help from some like-minded mamas? The mainstream checklists are a little... laughable. 


We're heading on a short road trip with Tenley next week (she'll be just 4 months). We're going to be in the car for 6-7 hours driving time each way. Once there, we're in a hotel, and it's a reunion, so we'll be in and out of the school, people's homes, restaurants, etc all weekend. We usually use cloth, but are using sposies for the trip. Also we exclusively breastfeed, but in an attempt to help T in the car, I'll be pumping enough to give her a few bottles while we're travelling (when she's eating she forgets she's angry about being in the car...), so I'm bringing supplies for that. Tenley also has reflux, so pukes on... well, everything.  I think that should give you a good picture of what we're dealing with!  Oh, and the weather here will probably flit around 50F while we're there. 



Disposable diapers- approx 30


Wetbag for clothes/blankets

Plastic bags for diaper bag

Washcloths- 10?

Both chux pads (for changing/sleeping on)

Diaper cream

Baby wash

Peek squeak and spot (toys)


2-3 bibs

Bottle and liners

litre bottle of pumped milk



Two Nuks

Two heavy blankets

Receiving blankets—how many? 8?

Two muslins (I use them for NIP if she's being feisty)

3 sleepers for night

Winter hat

6 full outfits

5 extra onesies

2 pairs socks

1 pair robeez

Tide to go

Bathing suit

Swim diaper


Teething gel


Sweater (2)



What am I missing? Anything on there that sounds like too much?

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bathing supplies...




I'm going on a trip soon too, so I would like to see others ideas too!

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We don't really need anything for bathing other than her body wash, though I did put lotion aside... probably I'll use it and she won't though! She just showers with us, so we don't need a tub or support or anything. 


I posted it somewhere else too, and they said it looked good, didn't really have anything to add. I've decreased the number of washcloths, and upped the number of sleepers and outfits (she pukes though, so most people won't need that many)

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