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Newbie here! Hi :)

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Hi, I'm Leah and I'm completely new to Mothering.com but so far have really enjoyed what I've seen. Much better than the other two sites I've explored!

Anyway, I'm a sahm of two boys, one is 3 (4 this June) and the other is 28 months. They are pretty great but extremely stressful with this pregnancy for some reason. I am "due" Sept 26th and I'm thinking it's gonna be a girl but we're just going to be surprised this time.


I'm planning an at-home birth just to get out of the hospital system. Had two great, healthy deliveries at the hospital but pretty much nothing was done the way I wanted it to go SO, fool me once, fool me twice...but not three times!


I really hope to get some good advice and give good advice and finally have some other semi (or extreme) crunchy moms to hear from! Looking forward to becoming part of the group :) Thanks!


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Welcome! I'm glad you found us!
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Welcome to the Sept '12 DDC!!!  Plenty of advice to go around here from all sorts of experiences!!  Enjoy it!

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Welcome Leah! It sounds like you'll fit right in here!

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Thank you everyone, I'm sorry I didn't see these responses sooner! :)

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Hi, Leah, I'm in a similar boat- SAHM mom to a son who'll be 4 next week, and another who is 3 in August. #3 is due mid-Sept. So far, we haven't found out genders ahead of time, but who knows what we'll decide when the time comes!
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WOW, you do sound similar to me! I don't know anyone here who was crazy enough to have kids back to back, lol (other than my midwife, haha).
I found out genders with the first two but it was mostly because... well... I could, lol. We have pretty shotty insurance so it would be an expense getting an ultra-sound (since we aren't going to a doc) so we figured, why not wait since we'd never gone that route before. I'm pretty excited about the new experience!

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Yes, it was nearly fully intentional- I didn't intend to try until the cycle after I got pregnant. However, 16 months apart, now that we're a couple of years into it, has been great for our family. I love that they can entertain each other. We recently moved, and moved them into a room together, and it seems to be working great. It helps that they share similar interests like trucks and dinosaurs. That said, I knew I wanted more, but I knew I couldn't do that age difference a second time. Plus, my second son is more attached so I wanted to make sure he reached his third birthday. My older son wants a sister, but daddy and I think a third boy would just be easier since we know more how that goes.
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My sister & I are 14 months apart and DH & one of his brothers are 16 months apart. It's been awesome from a child perspective -- we got along really well as young siblings and are still close smile.gif
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That brings up an interesting point, Crystal- I know lots of people in my generation with similarly spaced siblings (12 to 18 months). However, I have met very few parents doing that these days =)
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Hi and welcome!! 


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Again, all I can say is wow because you took the words/story out of my mouth. Definitely thinking along the same lines AND doing the same thing. Our boys share a room now too and we think it would definitely be an adventure to have a girl but we lean more on the, "Well, we already know how to not screw this up" side, lol!

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