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?s about widening palates

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My DD went to the dentist yesterday and mentioned that there is some upper palate is not wide enough compared to her lower and that if it is still that way at her next appointment that she would need an expander.  She is 6 almost 7.  She has always had some pretty good spacing between her baby teeth, but know that she has got some permanent, they are saying it is crowded.  I have been reading here about people using Cod liver oil and Weston A Price's nutrition in regard to bone development.  If I can do anything through nutrition, I would at least like to try.  I saw that CLO was mentioned for vitamins A and D.  How is that different from her getting her vitamin d thru sunlight and vitamin a through eating carrots and other vegetables.  I do have a nordic naturals dha that I had bought for omega 3s that is CLO that I don't use.  Is it not good enough?  I am just confused about this.  Thanks for any answers!!!

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I don't have any answers for you on healing it nutritionally (I don't believe in the WAP to things ;-)).  I would suggest you get a second opinion before you have anything placed that would move/change bone.  I was not told when I had braces as an adult & my father says he was not told when he arranged for my braces as a teen, that braces can cause gum recession later in life.  I don't know how having braces compares to have a palate spreader, but it is making me quite cautious on doing anything relating to the bone in my dc's mouths.


Best wishes,


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I can't help very much but I came across the following in reading that artificial nipples from pacifiers and bottles narrow the palate, stands to reason thumb sucking would also.  Breastfeeding widens it. Although it generally happens early on, in the first months when the hard palate is very soft and maleable. http://www.brianpalmerdds.com/bfeed_oralcavity.htm

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Kids who wear them generally get headaches. Its also most often followed by wearing braces as well.

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Bureshsf, what did you decide? We are in the process of making the same decision with my 5 y.o. son who has a cross bite. Our appointment is this week but I am considering cancelling...
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I decided to try the cod liver oil.  I got 6 months before we go back to see if it makes a difference.  I got carlson's cod liver oil since the vitamin a wasn't as high.  She already eats a lot of veggies and fruit since I didn't want too much vitamin a.  I am making bone broths for her and trying to make sure she gets in the sun for at least 15 mins 3x a week.  I hope it does something b/c she is very sensitive to stuff.  Can't stand to wear a shirt with a drop of water on it.  She eats a good diet but maybe wasn't getting enough vitamin d last year since mosquitos were terrible last year and makes her not want to go out. 

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My 11 year old uses an expander because he sucked his thumb from birth.  Yes, he was breastfed. eyesroll.gif  I'm not sure how clo will change the shape of a child's mouth.  If my child didn't have this expander, his adult teeth would not be able to come down and he would require surgical care eventually.  And he will most likely need braces.

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I'm pretty sure the connection between gum recession and braces is due to poor hygiene while wearing braces.


Our ds will most likely need braces to correct a pretty severe overbite. He's also inherited my small mouth which means that there might not be enough room for his teeth. That kind of crowding of teeth can really mess with a bite and make the teeth uncomfortable later in life. For me the trade off is definitely on the side of braces. I had them, dh had them, and ds has the combination of the 2. Ds was breastfed,  his diet is good. It's mostly an unfortunate combination of genes. I'm OK with braces. It's mostly a mechanical solution, and it's not like they're injecting his mouth with drugs.

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Originally Posted by LynnS6 View Post


I'm pretty sure the connection between gum recession and braces is due to poor hygiene while wearing braces.

My dentist said that gum recession that comes after braces is because the skin follows the movement of the bone.  I didn't ask for further details.


I had braces twice & have terrible recession, some of which has been brought on by stress & lack of care.  I did have lots of recession before the stress & lack of care, however.


Just like all decisions, the pros & cons need to be weighed.  The benefits of braces/appliances may outweigh the risk of gum recession.  



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