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What age did you go?

We're worried if we do it too young it may be a bit traumatic for him, as it's hard enough just to brush his teeth.

He's ten months now, but got his first tooth at 2.5 months, and he now has 8 teeth.  One of the front ones is chipped and maybe cracked, and a phone call to my dentist provided us with the advice that there is very little a dentist could/would do.  Normal protocol would be to wait and see if there is nerve damage that would be evidenced by it turning brown or black and then in which case, we would just wait for it to fall out.  Our dentist said that when he's 2 yrs, he can come along to my appointment to see what a trip to the dentist is like.

Elsewhere, we read that specialists for babies recommend a first trip at 1 yr.  We can't figure this out though, because at 1 yr, he's not going to open up his mouth for the dentist, and so won't it be a bit traumatic for him if the dentist wants to actually get a good look at his teeth?