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Anyone else really sad that it's "over"?

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Lately I've been bummed that everything is officially over. My baby is already over 12 lbs, outgrown 0-3 month clothes and is smiling and cooing every chance he gets. Our newborn stash of cloth diapers lasted all of three weeks. I had such a great birth and was looking forward to a relaxing babymoon, but I feel like I blinked and now he's huge!! I want to rewind time and do it all over again. I remember bundling him all up snug in my ring sling and now he's big and chubby and hates the newborn carry greensad.gif My six week appt with my midwife was last week and I got the all clear to go ahead and start working again. And instead of saying "see you next week!" it was a hug and a "stop by and see me sometime!"




As much as I complained the last few weeks of pregnancy and said I wouldn't miss it... I miss it!! Anyone else??

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We put away our newborn diapers and 0-3 month clothes a little while ago too and I still can't believe my tiny newborn is not so tiny anymore. It definitely went by too quickly!
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Yes! For me it's part of Baby blues..... They grow too fast!

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DD2 turned 1 month yesterday. She's still small and squishy and yummy but changing every day and when I talk about her birth I cry because it's becoming a distant memory yet so precious to me. Enjoy every moment.
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aww I'm sorry you all feel it went by too quick. My little man is 5 weeks and STILL in newborn clothes despite being born at 7.10. But the birth is becoming more distant and now that it's all over I'm feeling a little bummed I couldn't make it with out meds... I kinda want a do over but this was supposed to be the last one!

Just for fun I got this psychic reading about if I'd have any more kids and I was told that I would either find out or conceive April 2012 or give birth 2013! AHHHHHHH too soon! But then again, hubby is seriously dragging his feet on the vasectomy... It should have been done by now and I just started my period today...So maybe she was right... LOL


My best advice is to take LOTS of pictures. It really helped me to look back at them when DD got older and I thought I'd never have any more kids.

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This definitely feels bittersweet to me. 


DD2 turned 2 months old last week!  She's still tiny so we'll be seeing those clothes and dipes still for a long time but she's definitely not newborn like anymore.  I love seeing her smiles, watching her try and try and succeed at reaching and grabbing things and all those other firsts but at the same time I feel a little sad to have these first moments over already. 


My pregnancy was so awful and scary because of complications and I really like older babies and kids better than newborns but then I also feel sad that everything has just flown by.  I also think this was probably our last pregnancy and likely last baby so there's a finality that wasn't there with DD1.  With my first I'd pack things away and think "we'll use this again with the next babe".  Not the case this time.  greensad.gif

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