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Allergic to chlorine in pool?

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Hello. DD (age 9) went swimming yesterday and complained afterwards that it hurt when she breathed out or yawned. She said that this always happened after she swam. I feel so bad for her. I remember her complaining last year, but it didn't seem this bad, and I always had her sleep with me to keep an eye on her breathing throughout the night. It usually goes away the next day.

She is really active otherwise, and said that this only happens after she swims. We have a pool right here in our complex and she loves swimming.

She is feeling much better this morning, but I'm concerned. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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I worked with a girl once who developed an allergy to the pool chemicals (there's more than chlorine at play so it's hard to pinpoint the problem). She developed asthma & had some scary events at work until she had to quit.

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This has happened to me. It happened as a child. I would have difficulty breathing after swimming in some chlorinated pools. I have even broken out in hives. I went for a swim recently after a few years without swimming in a chlorinated pool. Afterwards my chest felt a bit tight, and I had a few hives... I told DH, I think he thinks I'm a bit odd. He just gave me a look and said, "Allergic to the pool?" 

Ha! I knew it wasn't crazy...

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Thanks for the responses. Did anything help you to feel better afterwards?
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My son reacts to chlorinated water.  We filter all water in our house (drinking, cooking, bathing, etc.).


Taurine (it's a supplement) can help counter that.


I've heard that epsom salt baths can help too.  It pulls it out of the skin (detoxes the skin).


I have asthma, and the chlorine has always caused me to get asthma attacks while swimming.  It's especially bad in indoor pools/jacuzzis.

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