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Dressy clothes--Where to buy?

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Hi All,


I'm looking to get my DD a dress that's suitable to wear to a wedding but could also be worn other times. I don't want something too expensive (because she is growing quickly). I also don't want something that looks like an adult dress in a child's size. Any suggestions on places/companies/brands to look to check?


Thanks in advance!

PS If there are any companies that focus on using sustainable materials or organic fabrics and have dressy clothes, that would be awesome!

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I can't help with brands or stores, but I know that there are some nice "high end" consignment places that have a great selection of dressy things - most of which were worn once. I don't know how you feel about consignment, but it's something to consider.

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I like Ebay for that kind of thing myself. There are a ton of dresses for sale on Ebay that kids wore once or twice and then outgrew.


Hanna Andersson has some lovely things, I don't know if their summer stuff is dressy enough for a wedding, but some of their winter stuff would be. Some of their clothes are made with organic cotton (pjs, mostly, I'm afraid). But they're really well made.


Naartjie makes some interesting stuff too, and with mostly natural fibers.

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I found some really nice dressy little dresses for my niece on j c penny's website for great prices

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I've had good luck at gymboree for weddings for my kids - I've often found good things on clearance, and size-wise we've gotten good use out of what I've gotten there too.  Stuff was kid-style appropriate, plus I was able to score stuff with coupons.  winky.gif  


Because of easter, though, you might even have decent luck at somewhere like target/tj maxx for something dressy but not too expensive.

 Size-wise, hanna andersson is great to get though because you'll get more wear out of it (as their stuff fits for longer, imo), boden usa too (they have seemed to have some great girls skirts that would work for a formal event, but also versatile for afterward. . .) So while they're a little more expensive, it's sometimes worth it, especially if you really like something. 

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Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'll check these out and I welcome any more suggestions! smile.gif

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I'd definitely check out www.zulily.com first. They always have really nice brands of dressy clothes for 50% off or more.

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