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help with shin splints!

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I have been exercising for about 2 months now and can not get terrible shin splints to go away. I have them severely in both shins. If I run or jump rope ect. it hurts for up to 2 weeks. We did lots of sprints in the class on Wed and I could barely walk Thur and ended up skipping Fri. : ( 


I have tried stretching, stairs, "babying" them. I need them to go away! What works?!

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This is straight out of high school track:  run backwards to get rid of shin splints, it sounds dumb and you look even dumber but it can work...  I used to get them when I was running short distances because of the hard fast impact, probably why you also get them from jumping rope.  Be a little springier in your step and make sure you go heel to toe.  i tend to run on my toes now and run distance so I haven't had problems.  Good luck.

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I had this problem my first 3 months of working out. I think my muscles were just to weak for what I was doing. I just pushed through it and rested when it got really bad. I applied ice packs right after working out and put on some Bengay. Eventually they just went away.

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Thanks for the replys!


I when they sprint in class I have been sprinting backwards now. lol I am hoping it helps. Today in class we had to run laps so I was trying to run as gentle as possible and as soon as I felt it start to hurt I went back to speed walking. I am hopeful I am on the road to getting these things gone for good! 


: )

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Shin splints are caused by weakness in the anterior muscles of the lower leg, particularly in the ecentric contraction phase. Stop doing all impact activities, it's the only way to fully heal. Then build up lower leg and ankle strength. Train your heels to "stick the landing" and NOT leave the floor during exercise. Essentially, you need to strengthen the "braking" skills of your lower legs.


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BeFitMom is right, shinsplints are caused by weak muscles on your shins, which is why they hurt when used too much. In addition to ice and rest, which can get you through pain in the short term, you need to strengthen these muscles to prevent shin splints in the future.


Here's an easy exercise you can do anywhere, it saw me through 9 years of track and cross country:

- while sitting or reclining, cross your legs.

- move your foot around. Start easy, just moving your foot, then put some force behind it to really work the muscles as you get better.

- some fun patterns are to move your foot in a 180 degree arc from left to top to right, then back again, or to write the alphabet (which is really good because it moves your foot in many ways and has a fixed number of "reps", or to go in firm but well-controlled circles.

- a more boring variation of this is to sit on the floor and hold your knees loosely against your chest by resting them on your lower arms. this frees both of your feet so you can balance on your butt and kick your feet, pivoting from the ankle.


The key to any of these is to pivot your foot from the ankle, so you strengthen the muscles between your ankle and knee. Remain in control and move deliberately. Don't move your knees.


This may make your shin burn a little in the short term but you will be rewarded with less pain in the long term. My shin is hurting a little since I started moving it while writing this!

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excessive heel strike when running will also cause severe shin splints. try to have a more midfoot landing, rather than heel strike.

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