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Baby Jasper!

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Hey ladies! 


I'm so happy to announce our 3rd hbac, and 2nd unassisted birth of our 4th baby boy!!  Jasper Solomon Dahl was born early on Thursday morning after a pretty quick and intense labor.  I was having some irregular contractions for about 3 days before.  I woke up at 2:22 am with a monster contraction, went back to sleep but was uncomfortable and got up at 4am.  Me and dh scurried around the house like busy mice, getting the pool set up and the bed made.  We were laughing and and talking and taking little breaks for very randomly spaced, but intense contractions.  The kids slept the whole time and it was snowing (we haven't had hardly any snow!) the most beautiful blanket of huge white flakes.  I got in the tub at about 5:30 and had lots of intense contractions- and before we knew it I was (very involuntary) pushing what felt like a huge child out!  It was the hardest pushing phase by far, but once his head was born it was sweet relief.  I could feel he had a nuchal hand and after one more push out came his shoulders and I reached down and caught him only 4 hours later at 6:37am.   I have a few splits but nothing major and no stitches.   We are over the moon in love, he is sweet as pie and I'm feeling really good.  So far he nurses great and my milk is in abundance. 


 I hope to have a more detailed birth story soon.  Lots of love and well wishes to our still expecting moms... :)


Jasper 2 days old... 

8lbs 2oz, 22inches (long and skinny :) )

birth (38 of 38).jpg
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Congrats! I look forward to a story soon:)

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DDC Crashing.


I think that may be THE sweetest newborn pic I have EVER seen.


Congrats, mama :)

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I love those smiles too. Congratulations!

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