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A couple of rough days...

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So W's been sleeping quite well for the last few weeks; we've gotten to the point where we get at least 5 to 6 hours before she wants to nurse.  The past couple nights she's been up SO much...last night it took 90 minutes for her to settle enough to fall asleep (usually if she's awake I stay up, but her eyes had bags under them she was so exhausted; she just wouldn't fall asleep), which she did around 11:30 or so, then she was up at 3am, and up Every.Single.Hour. after that.  Up like I had to sit up in bed and console her because she was crying, and even went walking down the hall once...I haven't had to do this since Week 1....and then at 9am I had guys knocking on my door to fix one of our windows...oy vey.   So after all that I figured she'd sleep well today....yeah right...I even made a point of keeping her on my lap or laying down with her to get her to nap, and the longest nap she had was 40 minutes, and the rest of the time she fussed and had to be held (not in a sling or wrap, it had to be arms).  Miss Cranky Pants.  Then I figured we'll get in the shower, because she loves it and it puts her in a good mood, etc., plus she was a bit stuffy so I figured a shower would help.  We were in the shower for a half-hour, and she cried/bellowed for 45 minutes after we got out.  (Please note that my daughter would LIVE in the bathtub/shower if she could...the crying bit had also decreased to 10 half-hearted minutes before today...)  Then she finally fell asleep, which was great because I had to go pick up hubby from work, so I put her in the carseat,  threw jeans and a sweater on, and went down and put her in the car.  She woke up.  I had to stop for gas (less than 5 minutes from the house) and she screamed while I tried to put $10 worth in the car, run into the store to pay, then run back out.  The gas station attendant was laughing at me, I swear... She stopped crying as soon as I got back in the car and we started driving, then I parked at hubby's work, and got out of the car to pay for parking.  By the time I got back to the car (30 seconds later) she was screaming again,  but stopped as soon as I started carrying her carseat to hubby's store, where I had to take her out as soon as I put the carseat down. This evening was a little better (DH and my brother took her and I laid down for 20 minutes and had a shower by myself!), and she didn't have as difficult a time falling asleep tonight, (of course I'M wide awake....ugh...), and I"m hoping that she won't be as restless as she was last night...


So is this normal? Is she going through a growth spurt or something? It's so tough because she's been crying so much (for her) the last couple days, and half the time if I don't start soothing her fast enough she starts screaming her head off...sounds like she's hurt herself badly or something.  I've checked her over a bunch of times, and felt her extremities and she's fine that way...could it be her tummy?  If she had colic I imagine it'd be a whole lot worse....could it be something I'm eating?  Am I overreacting and she's just had a couple cranky days?  It's tough because I'm still getting used to the parenting thing and DH works long days and everybody else works and my sister's been away and my brother and SIL are moving across the country in two weeks so they're busy and my mother's...my mother....so I feel like I have nobody to call and the house is a disaster and my bedroom is full of laundry and it just feels so overwhelming sometimes...mecry.gif


Please tell me it'll all be okay....

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It will definitely all be okay!  hug2.gif

It is so hard being a parent for the first time.  You just feel like the world is falling apart every time your little one cries.... and when you can't figure out what is wrong, it's just rotten.  It sounds like a couple of cranky, mama-hold-me kind of days.  Often times, in my experience thus far, it has been a growth spurt or a few days of complaining at this new business of having to deal with life outside of the womb!  The one thing that has helped me so much with my second is that my first taught me almost everything is a phase, and a quick phase at that.  Hate it... good for you, it'll be over soon!  Love it, enjoy it because it is bound to pass!  These little beings are morphing into new versions of themselves constantly.  I know it doesn't feel that way though when you are tired and overwhelmed and your back is aching from having a baby slung on your shoulder all day.....  You will get through it though!!  Hang in there!

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Could definitely be a growth spurt. Could just be a cranky baby. Could be she's working on some developmental milestone like rolling over. Kids have all sorts of reasons why they start being a pain all of a sudden, then they are back to normal just as quickly as they were off and you're left wondering what the heck just happened! 


My advice would be to just nurse as much as possible and wear her as much as possible. Based on your description of the car situation, it could be that she wants movement. It seemed like she would cry whenever the car was stopped. Have you tried a swing or anything like that? Babywearing will also definitely help with that. 


Hang in there mama!

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Thanks girls!


Update: So right after I wrote that post she showed me up :P  She slept 20 of the next 24 hours, and after that turned into an eating machine...I guess she was getting ready for a growth spurt!  She was more clingy today than yesterday, but at least she was happier!  It totally tears me up inside when she's crying and crying and I can't figure out what's wrong...


thanks again for the encouragement :)

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