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bellybaby, I don't consider that crazy. Then again, I've poas every morning for 5 straight days, so I may not be the best judge. :P Full-on congrats are in order, then!


A2E--Catch this eggie!!! (<---I'm cheering on your dh's sperm there, in case you couldn't tell.) 


All of a sudden, I'm being struck w/ every pregnancy symptom in the book: exhaustion, nausea, extra-sore boobs, and heartburn. But I'll take 'em! ;)

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Anyalily Your bunnies post made me laugh so hard.  Definitely into that part of the month for us so hopefully we will have a little Easter present soon!  I love your outlook on waiting vs. not waiting, there is always a good side of things, it is just hard to see sometimes.  Hopefully focusing on other goals will bring you to a good place for whatever decision you have to make as far as timing.  


Babybelly Congratulations!  Another BFP for April.  This is starting to look like a good month around here.  Hoping for sticky beans for you and Stegenrae, and JPack


Rae  I have had an abdominal ultrasound that didnt show any signs of PCOS and my insulin and A1C (long term glucose measure) are actually normal, only my glucose was high, so not exactly sure what that means as far as insulin resistance.  I have an MD appt on Monday so hopefully I will know more soon.  I am learning to live without the cake and candy that are constantly present, especially at work and this time of year.  On the upside, I have already lost 2 pounds. :)


Maia no matter which part of the waiting you are in it is so hard isn't it!?  My DH and I have been together for over 4 years and I have been waiting to try since practically the day we met (and wanting babies but waiting for him even before that) and now that we are trying it is a whole new kind of waiting and wanting.  Good luck and hopefully your wait is short.  


AFM I should O monday or tuesday so for now I am just taking all my supplements, watching my sugar and DTD with DH.  Fx I will be joining all you BFP ladies soon.  

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Also, thank you Nisojon, Rae, and Shawnamarie for the supportive words.  It really does make a difference to have you ladies here to listen when I am freaking out.  

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Ugh. DH was in a CRAPPY mood last night so there was no BDing to be had... think we missed O. I'll try for tonight but I think we're probably out this month. Boo.

I don't know if I've congratulated the newest BFPs or not. (My memory sucks!) If not, CONGRATULATIONS Rae, Jpack and BellyBaby! H&H 9 months to you all! joy.gif
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Please move me to my 2ww waiting to test. I am 6dpo :) thanks!!

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Congrats BellyBaby!!!  I have always gotten +'s on 10dpo. 

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