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Breastfeeding triplets....

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Anyone manage it and have any encouragement or words of advice? I am part of some mainstream triplet forums and the majority reply is "I never even tried", which is kind of disheartening. I have BF my others and two of those were NICU babies so I have experience in the possible drama of getting babies home from the NICU off the bottle and onto the breast (neither of my NICU babies ever had formula, but neither could manage to latch so they had my milk in a bottle). And thankfully, I have always had slight issues with oversupply so I am hoping that my body is able to keep up with the demand. 


I suppose I am most worried with the sheer number of babies and managing to get them all to do what they are meant to, when they are meant to, with the least amount of trouble. So if you did it, how did you get it all done? Did you feed two and then the third afterwards and just rotate them through? Or pump for the third? Or pump for the third first? Or........ ?????? 



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There was someone here who bf her trips. I am blanking her un- farmer something, maybe,  I'm thinking it was 2009.


I know someone irl who bf her triplets. I  don't know her well so don't have all the details. I think she bf them for a month then switched to pumping with the breast reserved for when someone was inconsolable. She, as I've heard triplet caregivers need/tend to be, relied on a schedule.


Good luck!

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I breastfed twins, not triplets. Do you have the LLL Mothering Multiples book? I recommend it highly. It talks about the logistics of breastfeeding triplets.


Also, make sure you have help. Lots of help. More help than that. At the beginning you may want to have two helpers at every feeding if you can.


And be gentle with yourself.


I've read about people breastfeeding two, and having someone bottle feed the third (and rotating such that it's a different pair at the next feeding), or breastfeeding one and bottlefeeding two. I would say that unless you have a compelling reason (one or more won't latch or there are health issues), spreading the milk around evenly seems like the best way, whether they are exlclusively breast fed, pumped-milk fed, or supplemented.


Good luck!

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I am very fortunate that all three of my babes learned how to nurse. Obviously there was a lot of pumping involved at the start & I should have kept up with pumping more. I need a lot of help - it isn't easy to ask for help or to pay for help but I do both. My preference is nursing one at a time, but I tandem as needed. If a photo speaks a 1000 words someone needed a camera on me today! Tandem nursing two hysterical girls sitting up while the third tried to climb me for a look. Its great that you have nicu experience that will help! I'll have to come back to this tomorrow - too tired to put words together lol

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Karen Gromada, author of the LLL book mentioned, hosted a yahoo group for mothers of multiples three-four years ago. Hopefully it is still active.

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leslie, you're amazing. 

momtoafireteam, I also recommend the LLL book.

As for my experience - I pump using a hospital grade electric pump (symphony medela), supplement with formula (about 50/50) and use hands-free bottles. The great thing is that they eat simultaneously and are done in 20 minutes. I feed on a shedule, every 3 hours around the clock from birth, and now they're sleeping through one feeding at night at 3 months old (2 months adjusted ). Nice thing about hands-free bottles is that you only need one person for feedings, so my husband and I can sleep in shifts and each get a long stretch. That makes me an pretty awesome mom (if I may say so), in other ways even if I'm not being so awesome about pumping enough or breastfeeding enough. Each baby gets the breast (and they all have good latch) once a day or so, just for the nearness and so they stay in practice for when we get rid of the bottles. 

See them eating here:


[link to film edited out as it's a little too personal... but if you're interested in seeing how it works, pm me]


I know, I know, it looks mechanical and horrible. But honestly, I'll trade 20 minutes of mechanical feeding over having one or two babies scream of hunger while waiting their turn, and the rest of the time the babies are being worn, held, talked to, sung to, and interacted with by me, my husband, our wonderful helpful parents and not least by our dear 3-year-old daughter. 

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Thanks everyone!!! I will definitely pick up the LLL book. I have my "ideal" plan in mind, but I know enough to know that our plans often don't work out and then I will just do what I can with what I have. I am sure I will be back with more questions or freak outs later!

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This family's blog has been giving me confidence.  She says in her FAQ that she has both breastfed her babies AND cloth diapered.




There are a lot of other blogs out there that says it IS possible!  I know it is going to be a challenge but I am going to try my hardest (though I really am still on the HOW??? side of things).

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I'm totally forum crashing (and have no multiple experience at all) but I came across this blog from a mama to triplets and I believe she exclusively breastfed all three of them after the initial NICU adjustment period was over. Here's her post on breastfeeding (I think there are others on her blog too but it gives a pretty good idea of what they did.)




I hope that helps a little. I'm in total awe of you multiple mamas! You rock!

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I've read One Day at Time extensively since it was the only one I could find & its great. I should probably email her & tell her so. The how can be tricky but it is possible. I'm finding night time parenting really hard, but the daytime isn't too bad. They learn to wait their turn, they play with each other when they tandem nurse which is really cute!

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