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Ooo everyone's beds are so pretty! I love love love looking at the pictures.

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8 yards of wood chips arrived today.  Time to start scooping and hauling again to mulch all my beds! 

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I'm so jealous. I have zero time to garden. Sigh. I've been thinking I need a sister wife. You know, someone to stay home, bake bread, plant a garden. Any volunteers? ROTFLMAO.gif

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Apples and pears!   Pretty much just sticks in the ground...


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I wish we could garden where we're at, but we live in an apartment complex and the owner won't let us even do an above ground garden. So it looks like we'll have to wait until we own. WHICH, by the way might only be a year at the most away! A friend of mine is on the board for Habitat for Humanity and she said our income and living conditions (3 kids, 2 bedroom apartment, Michael is technically too old to share a room with Casey by CPS standards, etc) are in the range where we'd be eligible to get a house through them. We don't want to leech, but we also don't want to rent anymore and our credit sucks...

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Snap peas are up around the stick teepee!

8675339913_3b6908d929.jpg  Radishes

8675339377_d86c49afdb.jpg  Strawberry


Blueberry leafing out


Bush peas up in the garden


2 kinds of raspberries leafing out


Tomato, tomatillo, and cauliflower starts


What's happening in your gardens?

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What is tomatillo?

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They look like this... you peel the husk off and inside is a hard sort-of green tomato looking fruit.  It has a very distinct flavor that is nothing like a tomato.  It makes excellent enchilada sauce.  I plan on making a bunch of sauce and canning it.  A similar fruit is known as "ground cherry."  Maybe you've heard of that instead?

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Nope. Havent heard of it. lok
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Mmmmm, ground cherries.

I haven't even broken ground yet.
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ok I started my early spring stuff (Im in WA remember, its frigid sometimes still) and I need help.  We tore up some juniper a few months ago.  I added compost soil, organic manure, and nutrient dense dirt to the existing dirt which was completely devoid of nutrients and very pale colored.  I only have a small section going right now with rainbow chard, peas, beets, cabbage, and a little further away I have strawberries, squash, and cucumbers.  Nothing is dying.  Its just not growing like it should.  I'm not sure if I should start over and add more to the soil?  I started some organic mineral additives mixed with water for the soil today.


Any suggestions?

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What do you mean they aren't growing like they should?  

I have been a little disappointed with my stuff, but then I remember it's still April.  The soil has been pretty cold at night.  Squash and cukes like warmer temps.  You probably know more than me, though, so maybe you can post some photos so I can see what you mean?

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Sounds like your soil has been well prepared.  If the temps are still quite cool (and they have been around here, too) things will grow very slowly.  As soon as the temps warm up you might be surprised how quickly they shoot up.  It's a fine balance between getting things in the ground in enough time to mature before the warm weather ends, but not too early that they just sit in the ground for weeks doing nothing and possibly getting bitter or woody, etc.  Chard, peas, beets, cabbages, and strawberries can all handle the cool temps and some frosts, but they will grow slowly if it's too cold.  Cucumbers and squash may not even germinate or they may germinate quickly on a warm day and then sit or die off with a frost.  Those plants are like tomatoes, they don't tolerate frost and usually get planted after the threat of frost is over... that might not be for another week or two- usually mid-May.  You may end up needing to replant those.  

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Ok, thanks guys.  Perhaps my expectation are just too high lol.gif  Our weather has been crazy nice for the last week and I have seen a difference.  Anything I have that is not a cold weather hardy plant is still in the garden window.  I guess I will just give it time and see how things look in a few weeks.

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Yeah I think things will grow so fast once it is consistently warm.  I remember last year I just stared and stared at my tomatoes and cukes wondering what i'd done wrong because they weren't growing.  Then in June they practically exploded overnight!

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Ah, window sill plants often do not get enough light to do much or grow super spindly and leggy trying to reach the light.  If it hasn't been too sunny lately, they may not be getting enough light to do anything.  Try setting some things outside during the warmest part of the day and see if that improves them.  You'll need to be hardening them off in a week or so anyway, depending on when you plan to plant out.

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Here's the garden area in May...


Front most bed: bush peas, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, red onions, and arugula

Next bed: radishes, arugula, purple carrots, bunching onions, borage, and two kinds of lettuce

On the trellis: snap peas

Bed on the other side of the trellis: leeks, turnips, lettuce, kohlrabi, borage, and carrots

Far bed: cabbage, cauliflower, chard, leeks, and borage

Victoria and Blushed Butter Cos lettuce ready for harvest... time to eat lots of salad!

Red Head radishes... almost ready to harvest!

Hollywood dwarf plum flowering

More pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaimeeandbrian/

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Where is everyone at with their gardens?  Since Christina left and I think J might have as well, hardly anything is going on in this thread!   Who else is gardening?  What has sprouted?  What have you harvested?  Anything going in this weekend?


Avalon, in her "gardening hat," shows off lettuce from the garden (starts are out hardening behind her)

The delicious salad I made with the lettuce. I love the heart of the lettuce!  Mmm!

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Shes super cute Jaimee!


I think Im going to start my warm weather starts this week.  So far I still only have kale, chard, beans, cucumber, strawberries, beets.  None of my carrots survived.  We have had the BEST weather this week, 70s and 80s every day.  My chard and kale really grew!  Here is a crappy Iphone pic:




My beans are the tall ones in the back.  They are a bit worse for wear because we had a night of frost a few weeks ago.  I have tomato starts in giant ceramic pots on wheels so I can take them in and out.

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Aw, baby chard!  I love it!  Thanks for posting a pic!  I love seeing other people's plants growing!  You could always plant a few more beans now and they would probably catch up to the stressed beans.  Or you could pull out any that aren't doing well once the news ones come up.

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