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You can see my cabbage growing super high in the back.  On the far left is beets (and one stray cabbage plant that somehow made it way over there) and the chard in front of the cabbage...there is a ton more chard in front of where I was standing.



Here is 3 of my 10 my teeny tiny sad tomato plants.


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Everything looks happy!  From what I've read, cabbage needs about 2x1' or 2x2' of space to grow to its proper size. I would just eat the chard around the cabbages to give them more space and they might grow faster, too.

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DIY garden sprinklers!

Each sprinkler is built out of 1 zinc sprinkler replacement spike, 5' of PVC pipe, 2 connector pieces, and a pop-up sprinkler head.  Total cost: less than $10 per sprinkler.


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Those are so cool! Gonna have to show DH. I haven't had a chance to take any pics yet, maybe this weekend.

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Thanks!  So easy to make!  And yes, take pics!!

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Thats awesome Jaimee!  What a great idea.



DS went out to go to school this morning and found this:


Then after I took the picture, I realized that my grass and my garden are trying to cohabitate...and I spent 2 hours doing yard work.

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What kind of squash is that?

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I have no idea! I should have kept better track...I just let the kids plant the squash and stuff.
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Looking good, ladies! I gave up on my plot since we weren't really going to be around, but suddenly we have a temporary place in the ecovillage for the summer and I'm thinking about trying to garden a little this summer.

But now I am so nervous about it. I don't know where to begin, I have no plan, no seeds, no starts. I don't even know the best way to remove the weeds and grass that have grown up between the strawberry plants and nasturtium that was left. Is there a tool? I have never gardened in the ground before.

What can I do at this point in the growing season? Get tomato plants and nursery starts? Grow all beans? Can I plant blueberry bushes now? My bed is 10' x 20' and pretty much an empty hole with strawberries to one side.
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Large starts can still produce- tomato, peppers, etc.  I think you would still get some production out of direct sowed zucchini and cukes.  You can get beans, carrots, lettuce, radish, kale, chard, other greens, marigolds, borage, nasturtium, etc.  And in mid-June to July you'll want to get in your fall crops like broccoli, cauli, parsnips, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, kale, etc. and winter and overwintered crops like beets, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauli, carrots, cold hardy lettuce, etc.   So still plenty you can get in!  :)  If you can, start your fall/winter crops indoors for a head start.


As far as prepping the plot, I would rip out any flowering/seeding weeds and then just take a spade to it and flip everything over, cut it up a bit and then dump compost over the top and rake that together.  The weeds in the strawberries, I would dig out with a weed digger or a small hand shovel (trowel).  I would then mulch with organic matter (grass clippings, leaves, etc.), straw, or wood chips.  Then plant into that!

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Chioggia Beets

Prosperosa Eggplant in bloom


Cube of Butter summer squash


Radishes and baby turnips



How does your garden grow?

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Some pics from my July garden:
Scarlet Runner Beans made it to the top!
First cucumber... homemade pickles variety
Giant radishes... that middle one looked more like a beet or red turnip
Green Zebra tomatoes... a bit hard to tell when they are ripe!

Amazing Cauliflower... I'm going to harvest this today!

Moon & Stars Watermelon

Cube of Butter Summer Squash

Anaheim Peppers

Purple Sun Carrots... these are the ones I thinned out

Black Tomato


Nasturtium with fly

Avery picked the baby pumpkin

Waltham Winter Squash... this vine has since been decimated by stink bugs and/or vine borers.  Avery also picked the squash itself long before it would have been ripe.  Sigh...

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Jaimee, your produce looks so beautiful! Really, I think you could photograph a mushroom and make it look beautiful. LOL. I especially love the scarlet runner beans! I've never seen those before. Keep the pictures coming. The kids' expressions are cute. You can see the pride and/or excitement on their faces, like, "My mommy grows me vegetables!" love.gif I'll have to use the pumpkin idea in the future. What kid wouldn't love growing their own little pumpkins?!


Anyone have suggestions for maintaining an apple tree so the apples are edible and not all hole-y from bugs? Is there some sort of spray people use? I've never done anything with an apple tree before, but since it's the only fun "produce" in our backyard thus far (came with the house) and DH is fixing up the jungle gym/sandbox beneath the tree, I'd like to be able to actually pick and use the apples this year. Every prior year the apples look GROSS.


So I'm crossing my fingers that DH will agree to build a stone patio with me today. Sheepish.gif I've had my heart set on a design I saw on HGTV from years ago, but we've never gotten around to doing it. Now that our foundation is fixed, dirt is re-graded, electrical lines were buried underground, random bushes were all removed, etc from the backyard --- it's finally THE time to put in a patio! YAY! I'm so so so excited. I think I may just use the patio design as a template and choose a different stone (maybe a more country-feeling flagstone), but I want the decorative grasses and possibly a pergola. I have no idea if I've shown these pictures before in the past...?





Our Backyard


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Aw, thanks Joanielove.gif  The kids really do love the garden.  After the squash bug and vine borer infestation I seriously almost caved and bought some Sevin to get rid of them, but I realized that one of the top three reasons I garden is that the kids love running through the garden picking and eating whatever they want.  Pumpkins were a very big hit here this year... I'm still waiting to see if the big pumpkin vine is going to produce a jack o' lantern.


Your design is beautiful!  I love pergolas and trellises.  Grape vines!!!  As for your apples, what you can do is a preventative measure next year.  This year you could try some soapy water, but I personally wouldn't spray any pesticides.  Next year, just after the tree flowers and starts produces baby apples, thin and cover them.  You do this by removing all but one apple per bunch and then covering it with a nylon bootie.  You can actually purchase them for this purpose cheaply.  Tie the bootie around the apple and it will stretch as the apple grows.  This will not only produce larger apples, but will protect them from the bugs and squirrels.



Apple Maggot Control Bags/144 Bags
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Jaimee, underripe winter squash can be cooked like summer squash if the shell hasn't hardened yet.

Joanie, good luck.
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Jaimee, thanks so much for the nylon bootie idea!!! How clever. Yea. I'm a tad bummed, I haven't been paying attn to the apples this year and they are already super eaten up. Oh well, next year.

Holy crap guys, I just spent 3+ hrs lifting sod and outlining the patio (on my own GRRR) and I feel like I've hardly gotten anywhere.
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Jaonie that looks great!  I tried a soap/water mixture on our apple tree in our old house and it didnt work.  Jaimee's idea looks neat though!


Jaimee your garden is looking so nice!  I hope it survives your trip.


I lost all my beets and some chard. My husband forgot to water the garden while I was down :(  But I have gotten probably 10 GIANT squash, a handful of strawberries, green beans, and more chard than I could handle (I gave a ton away).  And to think, its a 10x4 space in my front yard!  My tomatoes were NOT doing well yesterday from not being watered, but Im hoping they pick up today.



Here is a pic of some chard, it stood probably 2.5 feet tall. 

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Wow everyone's gardens look great! This year I grew zucchini, cucumber, peppers. basil, and string beans.  My peppers have been taking longer than usual to grow.  Anyone else have problems with peppers?

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I know peppers tend to only do well in constantly warm environments. What is he weather like where you are?

I have seeds for peppers but never even bothered. It's been too mild here.
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jforr... like Ash said, peppers need lots of heat.  If the weather has been up and down by you like it has been by me that would account for it.  Where are you located?  Did you get starts or start them indoors?  If not, I would imagine it would be difficult to direct sow them successfully. 

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