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Selective vax docs in STL?

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I just moved to St. Charles County from Chicago and I'm looking for a selective vax friendly ped or family doc. Any recs?

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It may be too far for you to drive from St. Charles, but we see Dr. Patricia Amato in Crestwood. My son got fully vaccinated (we wanted him to be), but when we were interviewing peds, she was open to selective/delayed vacs. We did delay a few shots due to my concerns with allergic reactions for my son. She will give you her opinion (without being overbearing), but will let you decide what is best for your child. If you don't get any St. Charles doctor rec. here, maybe, you can call her office and get a recommendation for someone closer to home.

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Erin Piontek in O'Fallon has been fairly flexible about discussing alternative vax schedules.
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