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Poll Results: how often does our child poop?

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    once a day
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So... what have you done over the past week?

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What other kind of help do you want? She needs to see a doctor. We can offer ideas & suggestions but we can't diagnose or treat her online and I don't think any of us who responded are actually medical professionals. Take her to her doctor ASAP. If you don't have insurance, call your local social services to find out about your options. She needs a doctor, not random people online.
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I agree with crunchy_mommy.  If you don't have insurance, go to an ER.  I'm pretty sure they have to treat without proof of insurance.  Keep going to ERs until you have an answer.  You haven't mentioned what you've tried already (even simple things like changing diet, OTC medications, etc.)  You say that you haven't had a good education, but the mother's instinct doesn't require book learning.  You know something is wrong, because your instinct tells you it is.  Be your daughter's advocate and don't stop until you get answers for her.  You now know it's not normal.  Only you can take the next step... nobody here can take it for you.  Also, if this is recurring at school, and you are not addressing the issue, don't be surprised if they contact you about it.  You need to take care of your daughter before the school decides they have to intervene.  Good luck!

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Yes, the other posters are right - our help can only stretch so far.  You need to take her for a 2nd opinion. 


As I suggested up thread you can try eliminating dairy and/or wheat from her diet to see if that makes a difference.


But mostly you need to find another dr who's not a jerk.

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ok, thanks, she is booked with a specialist but please keep helpingjumpers.gif

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I am not trying to start something but I am wondering if this is the 12-year-old herself.  Maybe it wasn't that easy for her to get to the dr without parental help.  It might also explain about the questions about normal bowel movements vs. the diarreaI hope you get the help you or your daughter need, OP



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ktarr, please take your child to see a physician. 


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