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Originally Posted by casmer View Post

Sleep is a full-contact sport for me.  Poor DH, at least I don't sleep walk anymore.


Trouble peeing...this is pretty embarrassing, but I often feel like I can't get all the pee out.  Like if I pee, stand up, clean up...oh wait, I feel like I need to pee again.  Is this just because things have been rearranged?  I don't sit on public toilets, so especially when I'm out and about, I'll just try to really focus on that muscle to empty my bladder.  Sometimes standing up and then resquatting helps...well that's TMI...haha.  I do my best to make sure that I do empty my bladder to avoid possible infection.  I just chalked it all up to pregnancy because I've never had this "issue" before.

Sleep- DH has been whining he's lonely even when I'm bed with him, because I'm surrounded by so many pillows (and tossing and turning and groaning) that he can't sleep and he can't cuddle.


Trouble peeing- yes, I have that too! Definitely just weight of the baby thing. I was expecting the toilet dance at some point but was still sort of surprised and annoyed when I needed to start doing it! Rocking forward and backwards or side to side while I'm trying to pee helps, as does sitting backwards, standing up and bouncing around a bit before sitting down again, etc. I know it sucks! It's more if you have pain during urination or feel like you urgently need to go right after you went and then can't get anything out once you're there that you might starting thinking UTI.



Originally Posted by BubbleMa View Post

My OB/GYN never had me do that with DD1, and my midwife hasn't done any internal checks yet.  The only time I've been checking is in the shower, so maybe if I try a different position I'll be able to feel it?  I'm not too worried about it though, just kind of curious I guess.

Some dr's have long fingers, too, so it's not a guaranteed thing that you'll have to prop yourself up at all. Different position could do it, sure. Or if it's posterior and high up you won't be able to feel it regardless. I was curious my last pregnancy because I was part of a UC board and they were all checking themselves so I got curious- again, it's pointless, but i was curious too! I'm curious right now because that whole region "down there" feels sorta mushy (TMI, I know) but I want to make sure my hands are very very clean before I attempt anything and i'm too lazy to clean under my nails, etc, just for a curiosity thing.


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35 weeks pregnant! 2 more and I'm full term!


We had a scare last night, pre-labor for 4 hours, fairly consistent. I drank 30 oz of coconut water in 1 hour, took a shower, and rubbed arnica gel all over my belly and got it to calm down.


I had my first 1 day before she was "due" no clue why this baby seem to want out so bad :( MW put me on a modified bed rest I have to lie down at least 10 mins of every hour and I have to get on all fours a few times a day to move the baby up (lots of pelvic pressure, baby is very low).


We need some stay in there vibes!

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Eek! Glad you got it stopped, that would freak me out too. Sending lots of "stay put baby!" vibes your way.


All fours as in- scrubbing your floors? or all fours as in knees and elbows so your bum is up in the air? Either way, sounds like not a lot of fun. Hard to plan your day around that, I bet.


So I trimmed my nails, washed my hands and under my nails with bleachy water- not on purpose, really, more clean up and sanitizing from the placenta I encapsulated last night and into this morning. So after I showered i figured I'd take a check for my cervix. And- surprise surprise- couldn't reach it, lol. I figure I'll try again at about 40 weeks.

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