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The Single Mamas Fitness Thread!!

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Got some baby fat you want to get rid of?  Want to improve your health?  Would like to get some support staying active and eating well?


Then let's band together and face the challenges single-Motherhood throws our way!


As single Mamas, it's very hard for us to find time/sitter to exercise.  So let's share some ideas and hold ourselves accountable!  We can all make a schedule that fits our routines to squeeze in some moving time!  Maybe going with a little one in a jogging stroller?  Or leaving the kids home and hitting the gym?  Maybe walking the dog with baby in sling?  There is this too (free), but I'm too technologically challenged to figure out how to sign up/when to start/etc. http://www.bodyrock.tv/ 

Make your plan and we'll help each other stick to it!


Also, we could share easy, quick, and healthy recipes!



We should all write down how many pounds we want to loose and keep track every week doing a weigh-in!


I'll start, I need to loose 20lbs.  Those pounds love me sooooooooo very much!!!  They've been with me since my pregnancy and will just not leave me!  I'm going to go to the gym 3 times a week and will eat healthier.  And on April 9th, I'm going to do a 21 day raw cleanse http://21daysraw.com/   I have to watch out because I've done their programs before and it actually made me gain weight (the portions were huge!). 


Let's see how many Mamas we get, and then we'll determine when to do our first weigh-in!



Good luck everyone!!

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Hi Lorena...thanks for starting this thread.


I currently do not want to lose weight though I did some lose recently (126 lbs to 115 lbs), entirely due to using the Incredible Smoothies program. I made some changes to my eating habits (as in, no eating in the evening after dinner, and no more junk), but overall, I just replaced my breakfast with a green smoothie. I made it the night before, since my mornings are hectic, and drink 16 oz. in the morning and 16 oz. around 10h00. It carries me through to my workout at noon. Then I'll eat lunch around 13h30.


Aside from that, my personal challenge is working out not twice a week, but THREE times a week. I find it nearly impossible what with working FT, parenting FT and studying PT. I manage to get 1 or 2 workouts a week but I just can't figure out where to stick that third one. This isn't something I personally care about, but my migraine specialist is adamant that it'll reduce my migraines by 50%, if I can stick to it. Soooooo, that's my goal for the next month: fit in that third workout someplace, maybe by sacrificing a lunch with coworkers (and perhaps by making my boss angry!).

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wave.gif  I'll join! I'm not looking to loose weight, either, actually. But I'd love to commiserate about the challenges with fellow single mama's.  I'm doing it to not feel so tired all the time, feel better emotionally/mentally, and just to be in better shape in general. Actually, I guess the main reason is the mental thing. 
I am on week 3 of Couch to 5k and I love it! It's so perfect for a big wuss like me who needs to start out slowly. I have set very very realistic expectations for myself because otherwise there's no way I'd stick to it, and that wouldn't be good for the mental part of why I'm doing this. So far I'm not doing much besides the walking/jogging according to the program. I go and do that, then do a few crunches and push-ups and stretch when I get home and that's it. I do it on M,W,F after classes and before picking the kids up. It cuts a bit into my studying time, but I think it's so important that I'm willing to let that go.
I think my ultimate goal, for now anyway, would be to find a local 5k run to sign up for this summer! Just the thought of doing that makes me nervous though! Also, I don't know how I'm going to keep doing this once the kids are out of school. I decided to just do online courses this summer so they can have their summer break and not spend it in daycare. I guess I'll cross that little bridge when I get there.
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I'm also trying to do C25K but I've been too exhausted and stressed out to go do it. I've been doing dance-based workouts instead because I love dancing and I figure that something easier than running is better than nothing at all. I have the New York City Ballet Workout 2, a belly dance DVD and a sexy clubbing/music video type dance workout.

I like some of the older Bodyrock.tv workouts but the new ones I guess assume that you know all the moves and just go quickly from combination to combination with no explanation of what to do.

ETA, I want to lose about 20 pounds too. I'm not in awful shape but I'm pretty soft so getting rid of that fat and toning a bit would go a long way. Does anyone have anything really great they do for their lower abs? I have that awful...spot there from pregnancy that if I could get rid of that alone would make me feel 1000x better about my body.
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The reverse crunch is awesome for lower abs, and it helps protect your neck. You can do it lying down on your back, and hold onto something heavy (like the legs of your couch). You can do it straight leg or bent leg, depending on your level of comfort:




It's also possible to do it on an incline:



Or reverse it and use a stability ball...



You can workout your abs six days a week, so if you concern is that area, go nuts!

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Originally Posted by jaam View Post

wave.gif   I'll join! I'm not looking to loose weight, either, actually. But I'd love to commiserate about the challenges with fellow single mama's.  I'm doing it to not feel so tired all the time, feel better emotionally/mentally, and just to be in better shape in general. Actually, I guess the main reason is the mental thing. 

This is main motivation, too. I try not to focus on the weight loss, but that is getting harder as more comes off and I remember what looking good feels like! But I know from past experience that focusing on the numbers backfires for me in the long run.

So today I jogged about two miles with my very happy dog. For food I am making sure to eat a healthy breakfast each morning (chronic skipper). I am also doing a very relaxed version of calorie cycling. I will eat carefully for two days, healthy but keeping portions and overall calories lower, and on the third day eat what I want, which usually isn't too crazy, now that I am not eating my feelings. smile.gif
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Sounds great, Mamas!!


Maybe we can do measurements too, in addition to a weigh-in.  This Friday, I'll be dropping by an abs class and a yoga class in my university gym.  I'm going with a girlfriend as we are trying to encourage each other.



Happy Tuesday!!  May we eat healthy and get moving!

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Jogged/walked/hiked 4 miles.  Low cal day.

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I'm out of shape cardiovascularly, but don't want to lose weight.  I'm kind of fun curvy, and don't want to lose my tits, ha.  But we just joined the Y.  I haven't had the guts to go to a yoga class yet, but have been doing walk a lap, jog a lap, and swimming and b ball with the kids.

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No workout.  Moderate calorie day.

Saw the Hunger Games, though, so I feel like I got a workout!

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Commuted by bike yesterday and worked out.  Commuted by bike today.  Will work out tomorrow.  I'm working out M, W, F and riding my bike for my commutes weather permitting.  Been having low calorie days.  Will weigh in tomorrow...

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Ran only 1 mile today-- I was just pooped for some reason.  I am not winded or sore but running out of energy early in my runs now-- I wonder if it is the calorie restriction I started.  This is not major restriction-- even my "low cal" days are usually 1500+ cal-- but I am seeing my body shape changing, so oh well for now.  Low cal day.

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No workout today. Mod cal day.

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No workout. Mod cal day.


Jogged/walked/hiked 4 miles. Got my zip back!  Low cal day.

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Great job, Sren!!




I had a really crappy day today, but at least I got to work out.  Abs and cardio.  I did better than I have since I started (last week  eyesroll.gif  ) but it might have been because I took a puff form my inhaler before leaving the house.   Lost 1 lb last week...... *sigh*

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Thanks, Lorena-- sounds like a good workout.


No workout.  Low cal day.  Sales lady at dept store suggested a smaller size for me-- very cool.

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1 mile run  Low cal day.  But didn't eat breakfast today,  and I need to do that. :)

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Wednesday, added 1 mile to my cardio and worked on abs, low calorie day.


Today, no exercise, just low calorie day.



I've lost 5lbs in the past 2 (or 3??) weeks.  I can't remember when I started working out.....eyesroll.gif


But it's driving me crazy skipping on invites for dinner......even at home, with roommate cooking (such a great cook!) and people bringing food over.....it's so hard to hold back.  I've been going to bed with dd to avoid temptations.  ;)

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Yay, Lorena!


No workout, low cal day


Ran 2 miles plus some walking, mod cal day


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Just a few tips I learned as I have 2 small children and recently decided to run the Tough Mudder :)


Get a double jogger (or single) from freecycle or craigslist etc.  Use this to run to store, park, errands, etc.


Push up with kids on your back, pull ups at the park etc.


Churches sometimes offer free exercise classes, right now I am doing a 8 week yoga series with free childcare!


Local YMCA's offer financial assitance and free childcare.


If I think of more I'll post it too ...good luck!

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