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Fun ways to reveal gender!

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We are def. finding out (at our 18 weeks ultrasound....4 1/2 weeks away!) and I think I've finally decided how to tell family. This is our first time peeking, btw. I'm going to have the US tech write the sex down and put it in an envelope, so dh and I will not find out at the appt.  I'll give the envelope to a trusted friend (already picked) who will fill a box with 4 "It's a...." helium balloons (one for each of our children) and tape it up. I'll decorate the box then we'll let our boys unwrap/open the box and we'll all find out together! I'll video tape the opening and post it on fb to tell other friends and family AFTER I send flowers with a "it's a ...." balloon to our moms the grandmas!  So excited to find out.  Are you doing anything fun or special to reveal your baby's gender? Would love to hear about it!

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BTW, we will not  be revealing babe's name until birth!

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We found out with DS2.  We shared the news with my inlaws by showing them the album of 3D ultrasound and saved the picture with "It's a boy!" title for last.  I didn't announce "it's a boy," I just waited for my mother in law to read it herself . . . though she didn't have her glasses on and never read it.  

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I had an idea to have the tech write it down and fold it up then giving it to a Friend and having her make a cake with either a blue or pink inside (kinda like Josh duggar did) then finding out all together at a baby shower but really I don't think i have the patients to wait like that!

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The likelihood is DH won't be there to find out the gender with me since they do not allow children in (even to find out the gender) and its going to be hard enough to find someone to watch the children for the birth. I don't want to over burden anyone, especially since I know the one person who would be happy to watch them already has 4 of her own.


So, Im planning on asking the tech to write it down and put it in an envelop then open it together.. As for telling family we will probably tell them around the same time they are finding out Im pregnant! Ill just post a picture of a couple of gender specific outfits and ask which one would be the best homecoming outfit orngbiggrin.gif Then wait to see how long it takes for people to realize what I mean whistling.gif

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