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Weekly Chat Thread 03/26

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Important dates: Honey693:  Anatomy scan, 3/28

                         Ithappened: Twins Scan,  3/27

                         SallyRae17: Scan Friday,   3/30

                         Keuriweo:  Anatomy scan, 3/30


Hope everyone has a good week.  At 22 weeks this week I am looking forward to growing a baby belly that can't easily be hidden and feeling consistent movement any day now.  I did a lot of food prep yesterday and am looking forward to good meals this week.  I cannot get enough spicy and Mexican type meals.  

How is everyone?  

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I'm at 21 weeks today and feeling pretty good.  I had some serious gastrointestinal stuff last night and was convinced it was listeria, so I was up all night worrying about losing the baby.  That's really the first real case of the worries I've had in the past few month, so I should consider myself lucky I guess. 


Otherwise, everything is good.  We're making progress on our crazy house projects and I convinced DH to get a little more organized before we completely tear the house apart.  Hope everyone else is having a great second trimester and (for most of us) happy halfway points!

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I'm also 21 weeks today... half way there! lol


I'm feeling LOTS of consistent movement every day now and my family is able to feel baby on the outside. I feel like I'm so small this time around... I was so BIG with my last two, but I'm measuring consistently for me (2cms ahead) and things seem to be going good.


I'm tired and hungry a lot, lol. I think this means baby is growing and fast. I went to my oldest son's first band gig on Saturday at 10pm (which isn't late for me at all really) and we stayed until just after 11. Yesterday I was sooooo flippin' exhausted I just wanted to sleep all day.

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Holy cow. This pregnancy is just flying by in comparison with my last pregnancy. I'm much busier this time around, so that's probably why. My baby chicks arrive in one week and I'm trying to prepare for them. It's like a preview of preparing for a baby. LOL. I've been working on their outside coop and run for the past couple of weekends and I think I'm getting close to completion. They won't be out there until the end of May or so, but I know my energy levels will start to go down by then. Plus, I'll have a bigger belly to wield around. 


As for food - I'm also eating a ton of Mexican food! It's all I want most days. I also really want tomato-based everything (which isn't exactly good for heartburn).


I get to see my babe for the first time on Friday, so I'm looking forward to that!

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I've got a crappy upper respiratory thing going on here. Cecilia is just getting over it and now it's knocked me on my ass. I don't want to do anything. Ugh.


I'm 21 weeks tomorrow. For Cecilia, that meant 17 more weeks of pregnancy. Guess we'll see this time!


Sallyrae17, I am having the same issue. With Cece's pregnancy, I wanted plain, comforting foods like eggs, potatoes, cheese, etc. Baby Brother apparently wants Taco Bell, junk food and red sauce foods. I'm doing a lot of chia seeds to battle the inevitable heartburn and reflux.

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I love the chia seed remedy! I'm doing the same thing when I need it! I wish I knew about it when I was pregnant with my son. I had constant burning vomit in the back of my throat with him. I wanted to die - it was awful.

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C's Mama & Lilytiger - I hope you're feeling better! Being pregnant and sick is not fair.


I'm 19wks. Feeling more and more movement, I really can't wait for DH to be able to feel it, too! I'm definitely in the eggs, cheese, potatoes group w this one. That and tons of fruit and veggies! I'm loving fresh tomatoes and avocados. I can't wait for fresh summer tomatoes!


Does everyone know who will be joining them in the delivery room? I'm starting to contemplate how best to navigate this for us. I'm thinking of having my Mom be w DH and I. Since we won't know about our move situation until later in June, we aren't able to hire a doula or birth photog. I won't really know where I am birthing until July! So having a birth team that can travel w us is important. I am thinking that my Mom will be a great support and advocate and give DH an opportunity to take a few pics and have a break if he needs one. DH and I still have to discuss this but that's what seems will work best for us.

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Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday.....


LilyTiger - sorry about the gastro problems, I know it can be scary!  I had a bout after returning from Jamaica, my worst fear on the whole trip (bad airport food!)... but everything turned out ok...

C's Mama - Rest up and hope you feel better soon!

Good luck on your scans this week, ithappenedhoney, and sallyrae!!!


I feel like this pregnancy is flying by too and I'm trying to enjoy every minute since I'm still able to get around and am not too uncomfortable during the day (can't sleep at night, though!)  I can see such definite growth, watching my once-deep belly button getting shallower by the day, eeek!  Enjoying lots of regular movement from this little one too....  :)


We had tapas last night and the spicy dishes were soooo good!  Baby/I seemed to tolerate it just fine, and now I'm craving to eat out more often to get more "flavors" into my diet (as opposed to all the fruits and dairy I eat at home).  Oh and the warm churros dipped in chocolate....more please!!!!

As for the birth, it'll just be DH and our doula present - we don't have any family/close friends here and the hospital only allows 2 pp with the mom, through the whole L&D!  .... LeAnn - a June/July move!  How far might you be moving?
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Besides J, I'll have a doula (assuming she ever gets back to me).  My hospital actually allows 3 support people, but I don't think I'd want anyone else there.  My mom is really squeamish and I don't think she'd handle it well, and my sister has never labored so I don't know how much help she'd be.  If I just needed a break and someone to distract me I'd invite either one in for a bit.  My hospital is pretty laid back and didn't mind family popping in for a few minutes to say hi.


Mine is just flying by too.  It seems like before I know it another week has gone by.

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We've had a respiratory thing going around our place too.  I was the last to catch it, and was knocked out for a whole week.  UGH!  The cough is still lingering, but I'm feeling back to my normal self after two weeks :)  Lots of tea and ricola cough drops!  Fortunately, no coughing kept me awake at night so at least I got good rest, including an entire week on the couch watching trash TV via hulu and netflix hehehehe!!!


I'm at 19 weeks this week, going to the midwives tomorrow afternoon with the whole fam so that we can all hear a heartbeat together!  Our anatomy scan in April 17th...we are ALL really looking forwad to that one :)


I'm struggling with parenting my youngest daughter.  She is a spit fire, and so demanding, and stubborn, and actually pretty mean.  It's so confusing where it all comes from, cause we have a very happy and loving home.  My pregnancy w/ her was VERY stressful- maybe there is some residual effects.  She's been a toughy since the moment I went into labor. Also, I think she may have a slight hearing deficit???  i'm surprised at how many times I have to repeat myself sometimes, and she talks VERY loudly.  We've done some silly little tests at home where she will sit on my husbands lap across the room, and while looking at me I will quietly say a word, and then we ask her to repeat what I said.  Shockingly, we found that she couldn't hear exactly what I said.  She can sometimes say a word that sounds like the one I've said.  I'm calling the ped today to make an appt for her, poor thing.  Humph.


I've been feeling great, tired, but great, and able to take walks most days and hit the free yoga class once a week!  this is the healthiest pregnancy I've has so far :)


Hope everyone is having a lovely day...it's chilly and rainy here.  But that's spring in No. Cali!  I'll prob head to the greenhouse to sit with the seedings, and drink tea!!!

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Regarding who will be there-- last time, my delivery room was packed with people. Beside my husband, my parents, my husband's parents, my sister, and then sometimes his sister and her husband and my brother and his wife were all there. So. Many. People. And, to be honest, I didn't mind it because I was excited to share such a monumental occasion. This time, I think it will be different, because there will be people splitting Cecilia-watching duties. But I don't mind having people there. I have no qualms about kicking people out if I need some alone time, though. And I plan to labor as long as I can at home so that I don't spend a ton of time at the hospital. My mother and my sister both had very fast second labors, so here's to hoping I can too.

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20 weeks here... I threw up last night. I have been still getting sick about once a week, which is a huge bummer. I sort of am a vomit-phobe and sometimes I feel terrible for the entire day afterwards. Today my stomach hurts and I think I slept on my neck wrong (or sometimes it hurts a lot when my stomach is upset). I really hope this doesn't last, but I'm not optimistic. It's not like I'm nauseous it just seems like some food won't digest right.

Also, the baby seems to have moved and I'm not used to where s/he is in my uterus, I can't feel him/her as easily, or at all today. I am sort of scared and just generally wish I were at home in bed!

My next OB appointment is 4/16, hopefully after that we'll schedule another ultrasound where we can maybe see if the baby is still breech and find out the sex!



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Aww, boots - I hope you feel better, that's a long time to still be getting sick!  :(   Try not to worry too much about Baby, who's definitely prone to changing positions nowadays, and having 'quiet' periods......


Like C'sMama, I'm hoping to labor as LONG as possible at home too!!  We took a tour of our hospital last week and it is NOT a place where I hope to spend much time - some of their L&D rooms were tiny, and had no windows, nor showers (and no tubs anywhere)!!  And some recovery rooms didn't have private showers either!!!  Therefore, I will be sitting in my home whirlpool tub as looong as I can, thankyouverymuch!

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Sheaffer - I hope you're able to make some progress w your DD. That sounds like a frustrating situation all around. Enjoy your greenhouse time!


NewMumJoy - I have no idea where we will be moving. My husband is in the Navy and will be finishing his training the late June. Where we go next will depend on what he/we decide to do from here and what options are available to him at the time. We won't really have any idea until mid-June. Possibilities at this point include Norfolk, VA (which is pretty close) and San Diego (cross-country). It's going to be an interesting experience regardless. My main priority is that he will be able to be there for the birth. Beyond that, I can deal w whatever they throw our way. It's really impossible to make any kind of real plan and has been a huge challenge to not completely obsess about all of this unknown. Meditation, anyone?? om.gif

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LeAnn, we're in a sort of similar situation.  My husband is in the Reserves and he just found out two weeks ago that he's at the top of the list for mobilization to New Jersey for a year.  I can't give up my job (or salary) for a year, so I would be a single mom for pretty much the first year of babe's life.  It's a seven hour drive, so he's be able to come home on the weekends, but totally exhausted.  The thing that makes me the most angry is that there were people ahead of him on the list who dodged out of their duties for really selfish reasons, leaving him completely screwed.  Anyway, military life is tough.  We find out in the next few weeks whether he'll mobilize or not, but it's super-frustrating not knowing and not being able to plan.  It's even worse for my friends who are active duty like your husband -- the constant moving and never knowing what's coming next is really hard.  Meditation sounds like a great idea!!!!

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hi everyone,

sorry to hear about the sicknesses going around. i never ended up getting a flu shot (i never do) and just asked my midwife about it last week. she said it was pretty much up to me, didn't recommend either way. she did suggest bulking up on vitamin c and zinc as preventative...i already take D3 and generally don't get sick so hopefully it'll stay that way! did most of you guys get a flu shot? 


i CAN NOT believe that everyone is approaching or past the "halfway" point in their pregnancies! i literally feel like i just peed on 10 sticks :) i was 18 weeks on saturday and feeling what i think is pretty regular movement. at my appointment, the baby kept swimming away from the doppler (strongly enough for her heartbeat to accelerate a bit) so i feel like this can totally be legitimate! also, it's pretty low in my pelvis and different than anything else i've felt digestively.


our kitchen is currently ripped apart (eek!) so the past couple weekends i've totally gone overboard with packing, lifting, up and down the basement stairs. etc. i need to CUT IT OUT. my uterus gets all clenchy and it does not feel good at all. that's been a big lesson for me, that my pregnant body can't do the same as my pre-pregnant body, as much as i'd like it to. 


i'm thinking that it'll just be me and my husband but i was also thinking about hiring someone to take some pictures. my brother's a photographer but not sure he'd feel comfortable with that ! plus if i asked him and not my mom and my sis to be there, i think they'd be upset. i'm excited about our birth class in may...we haven't yet had much discussion about what will happen during labor (i mean i know what happens :P but wondering what will happen specific to US), and i'm guessing the class will open up some dialogue about that. i'm delivering at a birth center with two midwives so i'm not sure an additional doula would make sense. 


hope everyone has a great week!





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If anyone else has a scan this week please let me know in this thread so I can put it up top.  Good luck to everyone on their appointments!  

I am so sorry for all those who are sick!  I hope you get well soon.  That is the pits.  

Waffler, I also did not get a flu shot.  My doctor recommended it but really didn't care too much thankfully.  I never said I would or wouldn't but something about getting it while pregnant didn't sit right with me. I don't even get them when not pregnant.  In fact, I don't think I have ever had one, at least that I remember.  Yes, take it easy.  I am also struggling with that as I have a million things I want to do before baby comes.  Pacing myself isn't something I am used to either. 


LeAnn, I am so with you there, the fresh summer tomatoes I wait on all year!  I simply cannot wait.  Store bought tomatoes just never even compare.  And fresh summer peaches jumpers.gif

For the delivery others can be in the building I suppose if they want to, but as far as being in there apart from birth related staff - only DH.   I know everyone is different.   


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LilyTiger - That is a really tough situation! It's so frustrating when others don't pull their weight. I would be furious! My Dad was AGR when I was growing up. So I guess I should be used to military life but being a Navy wife is very different from being an Army brat. :) I know what it's like to contemplate that first year as a single mom. I'm trying to came up w ways to make sure DH will feel connected to us and not like he's missing so many important firsts. We have no idea when he'll deploy or where he'll be but it seems inevitable. It doesn't help that he's a very physical guy and, let's just say, has a high tolerance for dangerous situations. I think meditation is going to play a huge role in my future sanity. Keep me posted as you find out more, I'll be hoping for the best!

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Sol, I'm glad to hear that. There are some things about this pregnancy that i feel so strongly about. the flu shot was one of those things that i felt iffy about and wondered if i was making a mistake in not getting it.


Also, my mouth watered a little bit when i thought about summer peaches!!! smile.gif

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LeAnn -- we're 95% sure we're moving to San Diego at the beginning of June, so maybe we can have a relocated new mommies club ;).


Sheaffer -- how old is your youngest.  My youngest son had compromised hearing and it really did affect his behavior.  Today he threw his first tantrum in like six months and I was reminded of how difficult it was in the 5-6 months where he was so hard to deal with.  It really put a strain on our family and on my relationship with him, to be honest.  He's way more reasonable and sweet these days, but I still kind of fear that his altar ego will reappear. 


Allergies have hit me super hard -- pollen counts in Atlanta were 9000 last week, that is so far beyond the normal high that it's mind blowing -- it's like 20x what most people deal with on a "high pollen" day.  I've resorted to taking Zyrtec, otherwise I can't do anything or go out with the kids or stop sneezing (= peeing myself).  We are going to the beach next week for spring break and I hope the pollen is not bad there!!

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