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Bunzuke Cloth Bumblebunz on THE CUTEST boy! He was fascinated with the Flowers..... How appropriate! 

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Always so happy!!!

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Elyse Adelaide 4months


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cloth diaper.jpg

 My happy little munchkin, Aurora Rose!  

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A couple of things:  


Please only submit your post one time.  If you are a new member, chances are it got hung up in our spam filter, and we are approving posts several times a day, so it should show up shortly.  Feel free to message me if you don't see it after several hours.


Secondly, I have posted a note of caution in the OP.  The internet is not a risk free place.  Please be cautious when posting pictures of your child, here or anywhere, on the internet.  Pictures can be copied from this site by others without your knowledge and used for their own purposes.  It has happened in the past.  This site is not secure.  This is why we did not ask specifically for babies in the pictures.  





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About 6 months old in a WoollyBottoms wool cover:


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A little over a year old - Sustainablebabyish wool pants (longies) :

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Max's first birthday treat in his matching diaper.ry=480.jpg

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4 months old in a Bagshot Row Bamboo (BSRB), a hand made diaper:

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A Bububebe birthday diaper, 1 year old:

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Another of my little BelBel.jpg

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AJ at 7 weeks on the quilt that her Gramma B made for her:



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700 The pile of diapers are clean. ;)

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