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we moved to the dry desert land a couple of months ago, ok, not desert desert, but socal:) but to me it feels like it!  anyway, since we've moved, my son has doubled the amount of colds hes been getting and i cant help but think it is the climate.  


our upstairs, where the bedrooms are, are always stuffy and we rarely put the heat on, its just stuffy all the time.  and obviously very dry as well.  im wondering which type of humidifier would be best to put moisture in the room and thin the air out.  


I've read that cool is great for allergies and asthma etc but we've used a warm mist in the past and it just seems as though warm mist keeps the humidity level stable.  


also, ultrasonic vs evaporative?


filter vs clean out tank?


i seriously wish choosing a humidifier wouldnt be so complicated! lol