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Thinking about joining too. But I will have to do the program with a baby in the jogging stroller.
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Officially started week 2 today! My 4yo was driving me up the wall all day so it felt great to get out by myself and run away from it all.

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W1d2 done today. Still feeling good.

I had been considering the thought of a double jogging stroller and today a local mom on a group I am a part of posting about selling hers. I am not sure about getting one and have not even brought it up to my hubby yet.
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I have been stuck at w2d2 for 4 days now...  I'm trying really hard to get myself out the door to go and finish week 2.  How can my motivation be so elusive?


How's everyone else doing?


ETA:  OK.  Got off my butt, gave DD2 to hold in a wrap and went for it!  Week 2 complete!!!!!!!

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I haven't finished week 2. I had a bad cold for a few days, and I'm still coughing a lot. I might try to get out for a run after dh gets home from work, but that depends on how he's feeling (he was sick too). I'm hoping he won't mind as long as I set the kids up with snacks and a movie before I head out.

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I did complete week 1 over the weekend. Planned to start week 2 today but that has been postponed due to exhaustion. Tomorrow.

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I'd like to join in.  I just started the program 1.5 weeks ago.  I think I am on week 2, day 2 and supposed to go tonight, which I will do as long as it is not pouring rain/snowing which it's been doing all day.  A friend and I have a goal of doing a 5km race in early June.  So far it has been going well, although I always hit the massive uphill on my route when it's time to run eyesroll.gif.  I'm hoping that by starting slowly I keep my one bad knee from acting up.  I tried a free podcast couch to 5k before but did not like the music so now I'm borrowing my ds's ipod touch, bought an app for $1.99 and can listen to any podcast or music I want while running.  Makes a big difference. 

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I started Week 3 yesterday.  I felt really proud of myself for running the 3 mins straight.  I'm kind of sore today though... I ended up adding an extra hill and I think that did me in. 


I bought an armband to hold my ipod and I thought it would help... instead it totally messed up the app and I didn't get my alerts at the right time so I had to hold the ipod and the armband (though I just realized I could have worn the armband empty duh.gif ).  I think I'm going to look into that pouch that Dantesmama suggested. 


So I live in the NE and the weather has been cool the whole time I've been doing this c25k.  Next week we're going on vacation to Florida.  I'm really worried about how to keep up with my motivation.  It's hard to imagine getting up extra early to go running but also really hard to imagine running in 80 degree weather (I hate being sweaty!)  Wish me luck!

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I did w3d1 yesterday (Friday) and wow, that first 3-minute run was a looong 3 minutes! I've noticed that towards the end of my run I finally hit my "groove" and after that point, running is much easier. I've been adding a couple of extra running intervals to the end of my workouts too.


Parsley, I'm still very happy with my spibelt! If you decide to get one, check out their clearance page. I got one of the water-resistant ones for $13 with free shipping, on clearance. Good luck running in FL! I'm also wondering how my running will hold up once the heat and humidity get here. The thought of running when it's 90* with 85% humidity is... well, it's not an attractive prospect.

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I finished week 2 today. I struggled a bit in the early part of the week - I think a big part of that was that I donated blood between weeks and it wiped me out more than I anticipated. Today I felt good. W3d1 will probably still kick my butt though.

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I installed the couch to 5k app on my ipod the day before I found out I was pregnant! needless to say I never got started. Now that I am working on loosing those baby pounds and thanks to this thread for reminding me, I will definately join up after I complete my current program that I am on.

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I did week 6 day 2 yesterday and will finish week 6 on Friday.  I am using Suz's podcasts from www.kissmyblackass.org because I like the music a little better than the other podcasts I've found (still not really my kind of music, but better).  I run outside and take a different route every week.  I run Sunday, Tuesday and Friday mornings and plan to add Wednesdays soon.  I never ran before, not even in gym class as a kid.  But I am really enjoying it.  I'm already making plans to do the 5k to 10k program later in the summer or fall.

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I did wk3d2 yesterday. I plan on finishing the week tomorrow but yesterday was HARD so we shall see. I have a sore knee from running I think so I bought inserts we shall see if it works. I'm going to switch up the route I think I'm getting bored. I usually do the program with a kid in the stroller when I have to do it with 2 it just about kills me. I'm hoping to make it past this week. Jogging for the 3 minutes is difficult and the next week seems hard but I guess all I can do is try. Running slow seems to hurt the knee more. I bought a yoga jacket with a zipped pocket for the iPod since I dropped mine and cracked the screen. 

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Hi, I am new to this thread, but I just finished week 2.  Being the plan-ahead type, I am already trying to figure out what I want to do to keep running after finishing this program.  Does anyone have any post-C25K running plans?  Start another program, just run a certain milage/time per day, or something else?

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Well today was easier than the other day wk3 done. I think I'm going to attempt week 4 early monday morning before work. 

Barefootmama my plan after this to run the 5K until I get fast at it and then push it to a 10K using the C25K program for the 2nd half of the run. I have no idea if this will work but it's my plan for now. Tommorow I need to get some running socks though my feet are chaffing abit. 

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Very cool Nillarilla!  And I don't know they made special running socks.  Maybe I should look into those - the bottoms of my feet get painfully hot during runs (I am assuming due to friction w/ the shoe?).  Maybe running socks would help with that.

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I just started week 3 today. I struggled a bit in the middle of the final interval so I looked away from the treadmill and just jogged. When I looked back down I was nearly done. I was really happy about that. Last time I tried c25k I don't think I made it past week 2.

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I did week 4 day 1 tonight. I've been doing a hybrid of an app that you can listen to your own music and doing the distance on the track. I usually do 2 days of each and walk 3.7 miles the other 2 days with 1 day off. I used to run a lot pre kids which was 18 years ago! This is the best I've done in years.
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Did wk4d1 today. Did some hill work in there that I might pay for tommorow. Seems like the increases in time are faster from week 5 onwards so I'm hoping I can keep to the program.

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I finally got my ipod loaded and I ran Week 1, Day 1 today.  I've been walking two miles 3-4 times a week for the past two weeks and I think that helped me.  Previous times I did the program, I was worn out by the end, but I felt good this time around.  I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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