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I've been sidelined by the flu, a sick hubby, and crappy weather (snow, hail, all sorts of April awesomeness) but I'm hoping to finally get out tomorrow and finish week 3. *crossing fingers*

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Week1, Day2 completed for me today.

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Week 4 finished with a bang. I made it farther and faster than day 2 today. Bring it on week 5

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I did week 9 day 1 today.  It went better than I expected.  I am also starting a strength training routine and did my first day of that while the boys were napping this afternoon.  I will be sore tomorrow.

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I just read all of this thread and it Is so motivating to read about your journeys! way to go, Mamas!
I am just starting this program. Two weeks ago I did all of the first week pls w2d1 and it was great. Then I had to go out of town for a funeral and didn't do it while I was there, then I caught some flu/ cold thing and didn't feel up to running AT ALL! So, I think that I m ready to go again. Tomorrow morning I'll jump back into w2d2 and just pretend that little setback never happenned! Wish me luck!
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Yay!  I finished Week1, Day3 today.  I am ready for Week 2 to begin maybe Wednesday for me.  I'm a little off on the calendar weeks, but I am still keeping it within seven days with the resting day in between.

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Way to go, sunset dancer! We are at a pretty similar place in the program. I am not following set days either, but am also keeping it within the seven day period. I just fit it in when I can. I am for every second day.

One thing that I like about this program is that I only have to do it 3 days per week. That takes the pressure off of having to do it 5 days per week... I seem to want to do it more, knowing I have to do it less lol! Reverse psychology, I suppose...

My last run was harder than the one before, even though I was in the same week. I think that I was still under the weather... Hopefully tomorrow will be easier smile.gif
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Sidelined by dh out of town for a week for work (if he's not home I can't get out with 4 kids under 10 at home) and then a bad cold.  I'm going to try to pick up tomorrow on w3, d2.  That was pretty do-able for me so I'm hoping I can just continue on with the program.

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I made it through Week2, Day1.  I've not decided on a 5K yet, but I was thinking about one in Oct.  It's near Halloween and the course takes you through a graveyard on the course.  I figure I would be up to running it.  Besides, how serious can it be if people run it in costume?  LOL

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Couldn't quite make the 20minutes run on wk5d3 but I think I'll just move along to wk6d1 since it breaks up the running a bit. Kind of sad I couldn't make it had to walk 1.5minutes in the middle.

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I finished!  Now I just need to work on picking up the pace a little.


Nillarilla, I had to take a similar walking break on week7day3.  I think you're right about moving on to week 6, those two interval workouts before the next long run will help a lot.

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Thanks eleonrauis! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Congratulations on finishing how does it feel?

I did wk6d1 today no problems other than some shin splints.

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I just did w4d2 today. I wasn't paying close attention and jogged for an extra minute in the first interval. I am pretty proud that I am doing so well on the program. I dropped out of it once before.
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I ran Week2, Day3 today.  I hope to eventually get on the Mon-Sun running week in the hopes it's less confusing for me.  I think I ran two days in a row last week, but I got it done and it's only the second week, so not exactly too strenuous yet.  On to Week 3, Day 1 tomorrow.

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wk6d2 severe leg cramps could barely finish. Not sure what's up. I'm going to up the water intake and take an extra day of rest before day 3. I have been going every other day.

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I made it through Week 3, Day1 today.
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Well the extra day off and some yoga helped made it through wk6d3 today.

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I made it through Week3, Day 2 but now I am having fairly bad pain in my lower legs.  It doesn't sound like the description shin splints.  I am going to make a trip to a running store b/c I do know it's time for new shoes.  Maybe they can give me some ideas and maybe some new shoes will help. 

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sunsetdancer I think I was getting some bad pain around wk3 as well. I got inserts for my shoes and that helped. Also really stretching out the legs after the warm up instead of going right into the run seems to help my legs.


I finished wk7d1 today. I've still got some pain down the right calve but not as bad as it was before. I don't know why but the right side of my body always hurts more no matter what I do. Maybe I need to see a chiro.

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I took about a week off due to strep throat but did w5d1 yesterday. I am both looking forward to and dreading w5d3.
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