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RI/Southern MA Gyn recommendations?

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Hello :)


I'm wondering if anyone has a gynecologist/women's care provider they would like to recommend?

I used to go to Center for OB/GYN in RI but have had nothing but horrible experiences there. Thank you for your help! :)

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I am a former patient of Center for OB/GYN and agree with you... awful! I am now with OB/GYN Associates who has a midwifery model of care. They have several locations from Swansea down to Wakefield. That's if you want to go to Women & Infants. Before I had a high risk pregnacy, I was with Dr. Susanna Magee who is a family doctor who has OB/GYN services in Pawtucket. Check out Rhode Island Birth Network's website for other excellent doctors who are associated with Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket.

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Thank you :)

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