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Weekly Chat - March 26th-April 1st

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Mind if I get this started?  I really enjoy the chats!  Can you all believe that this week ends in APRIL? 


I am so jealous of all of these reports of feeling movement!  That is so exciting.  I am only 14w so I guess it's early.  I'm also not showing really at all so I only occasionally feel pregnant at this point.  I know it will come in time and in the meantime, I enjoy the belly pics thread.  I looked back at my photos from the last time and I am tracking the exact same way.  My DH lived out of state for my entire last pregnancy so I have a ton of photos - I'd text them to him regularly.  This time, the poor babe doesn't have a single photo! 

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Happy Monday everyone! Jend, I know! I can't believe it's nearly April either. This month flew by!


That's so cool that so many people are starting to feel movement. I feel little floppy fish flutters now and again but nothing too obvious. I'm hoping bigger movements start soo. I know there's likely lots of time until I can feel anything from the outside but I'm really looking forward to seeing my toddler's face the first time she feels the baby move.


There's not a whole lot going on here right now. I'm finally sleeping a bit better (still not as well as I'd like to be but at least I'm not laying awake for hours every night.) I picked up some Natural Calm - a magnesium citrate supplement and some Earth Mama Angel Baby Peaceful Mama Tea and they seem to be helping, so thanks for the recommendations! Unfortunately, just like last pregnancy I seem to be really prone to headaches and migraines in the 2nd trimester. I think it probably has more to do with increased blood volume than anything else so I'm just going to focus on staying hydrated and trying to keep my stress levels low and hope that helps.


On the stress front, family drama is starting to settle down a bit. MIL at least seems to understand why we were not really pleased with SILs timing now and says they'll come here whenever we want (although they obviously haven't thought of what 2 11 hour drives on top of the 2 plane rides and 7+ hours of driving from the airport and back are going to be like with a 3 year old and 7 month old in the car.) and while the attitude is more "sorry you are upset" than "sorry about what happened" at least it's something. SIL on the other hand hasn't even talked to us but that's not unexpected and there's still about 6 months to get things sorted out.


Well, sorry to babble on this morning. DD is sleeping in, and I actually have a few minutes to myself so I'm taking advantage of being able to type more than one line at a time!


Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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Oops, I posted in last week's chat, so here I go again!


I felt movement for sure this weekend, so I am starting to feel a bit more attached, anxious to find out the sex in 3-4 weeks.  I am 16 weeks, 4 days now.  My bump is definitely getting harder to hide.  I need to have DH take another picture soon, so bad about that this time.  I am starting to get antsy about moving before baby #2 arrives.  But we have so much to do to our house that we live in before we can list it AND we have three projects (we are real estate investors) that are going right now and must sell before we can even start looking for a new home.  I think that because spring is in the air I am getting antsy, but I would like to move by July at the latest!  I am going to try to just put it out of my mind!

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Oh, the text editor on this site drives me CRAZY. It almost never fails that I write a couple paragraphs and then inadvertently use a keyboard shortcut that sends me back to the previous page, erasing everything I've written. Same shortcuts don't get the same results on other sites.. am I alone here?


I'm still at my conference, keeping busy but reading everyone's post in the background.. betting we have a lot of lurkers right now--last week's chat thread was the shortest ever!


Carlin, I haven't gotten any more little fish flutters, but even without official 'movement', it's getting harder to be unaware of this constantly growing presence, KWIM? Also--glad your MIL at least understands.. SIL sounds like the kind of person that, if you don't talk to her, it's just as well.


Wanted to ask people more generally--anyone else just *not hungry*? I'm making sure to feed myself, but I couldn't be less interested in food. My aversions have mostly lifted but hunger is just.. absent. If I get busy and go longer than I should without eating, I may get weak and headachey, but never hungry. Definitely a new feeling for me.

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Hyde, yes! I feel exactly the same about the text editor. I don't even know what I do that makes it go wonky half the time. I actually thought it was my stupid laptop which I pretty much hate but it does seem worse on this site than any other.


I'm with you on the not really hungry. Just in the last week or so I haven't had much appetite, but still have to be careful to eat relatively frequently or the nausea comes back. I also find I get about half way through a meal and I'm done. I don't remember that happening until way later last time. The good news for me is that I haven't gained any wait in the last 3 weeks or so, after being up about 10 lbs before that. Obviously not gaining isn't my goal but I'll be perfectly happy if I don't gain 40+ lbs this time.


Ava'sMama, July sounds like a great time to move. You'll still have lots of time to settle in before baby comes. the amount of work that comes first is daunting though isn't it. I think thoughts of spring are doing the same thing to me. I've actually been searching MLS looking for houses even though there's no way we are in a position to move within the next year or two. I don't hate our house or anything, but it needs some work (kitchen, bathroom, some basement stuff,) it's 70+ years old, and only has one bathroom and two bedrooms on the main floor. I already feel a little cramped and it's going to get way worse when we add baby #2. I think the key for me is just going to have to be some major decluttering. I know generations of people raised bigger families than ours in houses this size so we should be able to manage it too!

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Some of you ladies are already feeling movement?!!  I haven't yet am excited at the idea of experiencing that. I'm 17 weeks along this Tuesday, and am due the first week of Sept.  Everything is new  for me.  So I do have a question, weight gain,  I'm not suppose to gain any more than 25  lbs, but i'm already nearly up 9 lbs and i'm hardly showing.  I'm really worried that I'm going to exceed it.  Anyone else worried about weight?


Hyde:- I agree with you about food.  I never really feel like eating.  I drink Milk like crazy for my over all interest in food is diminished. Sadly I can't enjoy my favorite foods now and that really gets on my nerves.  Granted a co-worker did give me a taco bell taco a week ago and I thought it was the most delicious thing ever, (I hate fast food and never go for taco bell!!)  If I had had the option to eat 4 more, I probably would have!



I do have another question....  Is it bad luck to start getting baby furniture this early?  My husband & I recently bought a crib (20% off sale at Babies R Us!) and when I mentioned it to a few friends they told me it was bad luck.. really??

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Carlin - I don't know what your nighttime routine is like, but I found a longish warm bath to help me get to sleep relatively easily -- and I bought a snoogle pregnancy pillow that helped a lot when I got further along and more uncomfortable. (Or was your problem staying asleep?)

Hyde - I also really just don't care much about food. DH will come home at 6 and ask about supper, and I really haven't even thought about it. We've been scavenging/fending for ourselves quite a bit -- which is better than some of the ridiculous first trimester eating out we did, since then I WAS hungry, but not much sounded good, and espeically not if I had to make it. I agree that this apathy is weird, but it's for sure better than it could be. I've had no cravings at all (yet).

I met with 2 doulas last week, and really I should let them know who I'm going with today, but I'm having a hard time deciding. One is closer and has more exeprience, and really would be perfectly fine -- and maybe we could be mom friends smile.gif The other I liked a little bit better, but if I called her and she were at work, it would take her 2 hours to get to my house. So I'm torn.
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Breezer, Sometimes I get into that mind set too but in reality it's ridiculous.Buying or not buying furniture, or anything else for that matter has absolutely no affect on our pregnancies. I found a smokin' deal on a co-sleeper that will work perfectly withour bed weeks ago and snapped it up. I wasn't about to let a deal like that go because of superstition ($170 for something that probabaly would have cost $600 plus to ship from Europe, assuming I could have found someone there to buy it and ship it for me.) The area I find myself getting into the "bad luck" mind set now is with announcing the pregnancy on facebook. I keep thinking I'll post it and have something go wrong right afte so I keep waiting and waiting even though I know it's ridiculous. At this rate we'll just announce the birth!


Crystal_buffaloe, my main probably has been falling asleep and getting back to sleep once I wake up. I'm pretty used to multiple night wakings with a toddler around who's never been a great sleeper so that doesn't bother me much as long as I can go back to sleep quickly afterwards. I do really like baths, but I find my skin is super dry right now and having a bath makes it worse so I've been limiting them to short soaks. I think I am going to have to invest in some sort of pillow solution though, and the snoogle is one I hear of most often. I'm not sure how well that sort of thing will work for me because I usually like to move around a lot in my sleep but it might be worth a try.


As far as the doula goes, it sounds like the close one would be best logistically, but I guess it depends why you liked the other one better. If there's enough of a difference it might be worth the extra difference. It seems to me, that a doula is one part of the birth team that it's really important to click with as her whole job is really to put you at ease.


lol.gif Alright, I really need to get off the computer and get things done.The fact that this is my third post on this thread in the last 2 hours and 17 minutes is a good sign I'm procrastinating, but the house isn't going to clean itself so I better get busy and actually get something accomplished today.

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Breezer348- the bad luck idea is totally cultural. One of my friends from Kerala (southern India) didn't buy anything for her first child until after the birth, because that is their custom. In my home, we don't believe in bad luck :). We've bought almost everything on our list that hasn't been given to us. 


Carlin- glad you are getting some more support/understanding from your partner's family.


Re: weight concerns- my midwife didn't even weigh me at my appointment. She doesn't think it's important until later in the pregnancy. My doctor on the other hand insists on weighing me. Maybe that's why it's less important to my midwife since some of that information is already on my chart :). I think the most important thing is to feel healthy, not to try and limit eating to stay within some weight parameters.


No recognized movement for me yet (17 weeks 1 day). I feel mostly normally hungry, except some days my stomach ache makes me not at all interested in eating. I still have a stomach ache most of the time, worst at night, and I am terribly gassy. It's gross and killing my sex drive. I think most of my getting bigger belly is gas. I still can't certainly tell where my uterus is, maybe it is really low like it kind of feels like. 

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This is my third pg, and just before I got pregnant, I saw a physical therapist who showed me how to properly use my stomach muscles to close gaps (I didn't have one, but I wanted to know what to avoid) and strengthen myself since my first two pg were close together.  Anyhow, I spent 6 weeks doing those exercises, and now that I'm pregnant, there's no bump on the bottom, but it already looks like some organs are starting to stick out above my bellybutton!  I find this really strange.  It looks like I gained 10# in my midsection, but I haven't gained a single pound!


I felt my first movement around week 12, and in the two and a half weeks since, nothing!  I know that chasing two kids around keeps me from feeling very centered or introspective, but I had hoped to continue feeling though this not-feeling-pregnant time.

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Hunger - ever since I worked to lose weight when DH and I got married, I really try to eat mindfully more than anything.  Some days I'm just not all that hungry and frankly, I don't think it's healthful to force food on myself.  I think I make up for it because some days I'm simply ravenous and go with that flow too.  Only thing that scares me is my MWs are pretty big on nutrition and stuff and I have to submit a few days of food log.  Well we haven't had a working kitchen for 2 weeks so neals have been interesting.


Still not really showing, which makes me sad.  I know it's my awesomely strong abs just holding everything in :p and I just look a little more round than usual.  I haven't weighed myself lately but I will this week before my MW appt.  I weigh on their scale too but I am neurotic and only count the weight that is at a consistent time/clothing on my home scale.  (yes I have body image issues and that is totally fun to deal with!)

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Hunger: yes, I'm hungry! Not all the time, like in the first trimester, but it will still kind of sneaks up on me if I don't eat for a few hours. I don't have any aversions, either. Well, I have a hard time drinking plain water (which is usually my drink of choice) but I'm able to tolerate it with some lemon now, so at least I'm not drinking so much juice.

Weight gain: I've gained about 16 lbs so far, which I'm sure would freak an OB out (reason #2134 that I use a midwife!) but I refuse to obsess about weight gain. I gained 65 lbs with DD, but lost it all by the time she was 9 months, without any serious exercise. I did, however, have copious amounts of breastmilk and I think it had to do with the 'resources' I had to draw from. I eat healthy and as much as my body tells me it needs, and I don't stress about the scale. Works for me!

Movement: I still feel something every once in a while, but nothing regular. I'm looking forward to when DH and DD can feel too! DD is so excited to be a big sister. One of our friends had her second this weekend and DD keeps asking to see the pictures of 'Naomi big sister'. Then she wants to see a picture of 'Katie big sister' and I have to keep telling her that she has to wait until baby co es out. smile.gif
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This is my third pg, and just before I got pregnant, I saw a physical therapist who showed me how to properly use my stomach muscles to close gaps (I didn't have one, but I wanted to know what to avoid) and strengthen myself since my first two pg were close together.  Anyhow, I spent 6 weeks doing those exercises, and now that I'm pregnant, there's no bump on the bottom, but it already looks like some organs are starting to stick out above my bellybutton!  I find this really strange.  It looks like I gained 10# in my midsection, but I haven't gained a single pound!


I felt my first movement around week 12, and in the two and a half weeks since, nothing!  I know that chasing two kids around keeps me from feeling very centered or introspective, but I had hoped to continue feeling though this not-feeling-pregnant time.

Totally my shape and how I feel this time help007...


I felt my first movement at 12 weeks - then a 2 week hiatus and then a little bit at week 14 and now nothing at 16 weeks!


It's scary, but I hope it picks up soon!


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Hi all!  I'm glad to hear that other people are having some of the experiences I'm having --

I felt the baby all last week and this week - but wondered if I was imagining because I think I didn't feel it at all until maybe 20 weeks with my first (now at 16 weeks). It's a wonderful thing that makes me feel a lot more attached and somewhat less worried. 


I've been on spring break - and am back to teaching this week - and counting the days until the semester ends.  I'm really looking forward to being able to focus on this baby after that.


I've got to travel this week - a cross country flight to a conference to give a keynote speech.  I'm looking forward to it - feeling both honored and nervous about it.  I'm looking forward to some time off of being mommy and time for being a scientist and a thinker and time to get to see old friends.  But I know from experience that I'll miss my son terribly too. I'm sure I'll be much more tired by the travel than usual, too.  But, I will get to choose my own bedtime and read a book without interruption.

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Maybe someone's fetus can have a chat with my fetus.  This kid will not let me feel her move.  Really frustrating!  And she's a wiggler, according to the u/s we had yesterday!


Weight gain: I've gained a whopping four pounds lol.gif.  I was 118, and I'm 122 now.   With DD1 I was 112 prepregnancy and went all the way up to 170something!  My prepregnancy jeans size was a 3.. afterwards, it was a 9!  With DD2, I started off at 115 and went up to 145.  Nice and normal, lol.  I wear about a 2 in pants, 3 or 5 in juniors sizes, and I'm comfortable with that.  My hips spread way out after DD1.. and I'm a smaller framed girl.. my body is just all weird, lol.


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WCM you are so cute. Don't you worry about size (easier said than done, I know). I love your new pic. Very sweet. You are very young still, right? Weren't you only 21 or something? Just curious. I'm old lol...hit 30 in February...geez..I see wrinkles everywhere.


I started this pregnancy at 135lbs. I'm 142 as of this morning. I'm very adamant on only weighing myself in the mornings, right after getting up and peeing. I don't trust doctor's scales. I mean they weigh you after you had breakfast and probably lunch, plus 2 gallons of water...no way jose. I don't care what the dr scale says, unless my scale confirms it :). So, 7lbs in 15 weeks isn't so bad, right? I don't know. I'm scared to gain 50lbs again. I gained soo much with DS and lost it really quickly after. I had a moon face with him, really. I looked ridiculous. It was a lot of water though. Right after birth I had lost 23lbs already and was back to pre prego sized pants within four months (now I was still soft though). With DD I only gained 23lbs, which was a lot better but it took me 7 months to lose the weight. Now that I was back to where I wanted to be, I got knocked up again LOL. Here's to hoping that teaching Zumba and chasing two kids plus a big black lab all day will keep the weight down. Plus I'm pregnant all throughout summer so we'll be eating a lot more fruits and veggies instead of being heavily pregers in the wintertime (can you say BROWNIEEES AND ICE CREAM :)).


I believe I felt flippy last night. I was so exhausted that after giving the kids a bath and showering myself I laid in bed while DH was buzzing around the bedroom doing stuff. We talked and I was on my side, uterus squished down and everything and I felt a very light 'thump', just a tiny little twitch on the my left side, almost by the hip bone. I said "Oh I felt the baby" and held my breath and I felt it again but no more after that. Haven't had time to really 'listen' in since then. I'm guessing next week or so I will feel it more often. I'm excited about it. I have been so busy with the kids, my house, work etc that I really didn't have time so far to actually 'care' enough for this pregnancy. I guess it's like they always say, the third one just kinda 'happens'..there's no time to sit and sing to the baby or whatnot, it just kinda grows as we go and all of a sudden there's a big ol belly. I have started however writing everything down again. I started it with DD since I didn't have time for a scrapbook so now I'm writing everyhing down for flippy. I find myself going back and reading my little notes every now and then and compare. It's sweet, I'm glad I wrote so much down.



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Yes, I'm 21.  21 and 9 months according to the tech yesterday! lol.gif


Being pregnant in the summer is not a good thing for me... I've been known to chase down the ice cream truck for a waffle cone.. or two.. whistling.gif

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LOL, I teach a class every friday where the gym is right next to a Mall. That mall has a "Tutti Frutti" frozen yoghurt place and I promised the kids, everytime we're down there we get icecream. And so I'm keeping my promise :). The kids load up on all kinds of 'squishis' and 'frog eggs' (little tapicoa balls or whatever) etc etc. They love it and I get my icecream fix too. The good thing is that you can make your own portions so I have never spent more than 9 bucks for the three of us in there.

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I am so jealous of you ladies who have felt your bumps!!  My peanut refuses to let me know he/she is there!  My last ultra sound showed her moving a whole lot too!  Week 17 and no movement :(  Grrrrrr Granted, this is my first pregnancy and I could very well be oblivious to anything too suttle.   


Different thought.... Do animals notice early pregnancy?  I know animals are super sensitive to hormone changes, smells etc, but I haven't really experienced it (I mean more than the random dog attempting to sniff your crotch when you have your period).  In the last few weeks, my normally stand offish cat has decided i'm incredibly interesting. She is constantly climbing in my lap and following me around the house.  She even sits outside the shower door waiting for me to come out. Very odd behaviour for her.  She is also starting to climb in between me and my husband at night.  Any one else have thoughts about animal behaviour.   

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 I'm old lol...hit 30 in February...geez..I see wrinkles everywhere.



Hey, watch it MissE...I'm 38! ROTFLMAO.gif


So ice cream...we were just reminiscing about Dairy Queen Blizzards at lunch.  I feel the need for some ice cream or frozen yogurt today!  I haven't gained much yet but my body likes to expand first, gain later.  It's an interesting formula.  I really never lost the last 5 pounds from DS.  That was 3 1/2 years ago so I think it just kind of stuck.  This time, I've gained 2 so far but if it's like last time, it will pick up.

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