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Went on a 5K run today!!!  It felt so great!!


I haven't gained any weight thus far (actually have lost about 10 lbs), but I started out a bit on the fluffy-ish side, so it's all good.  I eat well (um... mostly) and feel great.  Now that I have Floradix back in my regimine I feel a million times better!!  Now I just have to remember the Natural Calm (calcium/magnesium drink) in the evenings, my bowels would be a lot happier :/ 


The most exciting news lately is that dd4 has decided to use the toilet!  We're trying to make sure to remind her often to see if she needs to go... but... no accidents for three days!  And she's slept in undies too!  YAYAYAYAY!!!  I'm *sooooooo* ready to at least have a break from diapers!!


Ack... now that dd4 is terrorizing the house, it's apparent it's nap time.  Dangit.  I dont' get to get on the real computer often (but lurk and read from my phone! it just takes So Much Longer to post from there and I get irritated!)!  Oh well... I'll return when I can....


I'm 32 ;)  But I feel younger now (because I'm in far better shape) than I have in YEARS!

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Haven't updated in a while, so here is my latest- I feel a lot better, physically and mentally, but still, once in a while I have these moments of panic, and out comes the doppler. There were a few days where I was so tired I could hardly move a muscle, so I started taking Floradix and I feel significant difference!


started regularly using maternity swim suit for my lap swimming, so I am so out now at the pool.... still doing my 20 laps 3 times a week, yoga and hikes. but I notice it's getting harder to catch my breath sometimes, especially at the beginning of the swimming each time. like a minor shortness of breath. what's up with that? then it stabilizes. as if it's harder for y lungs to accommodate all the air.


I am 16W5D today, and my big anatomy scan/GENITALIA peak is in a week. I honestly can't wait! with y DS we found out but not with DD, and now we are all ready to know!


pretty much all set with names, more so with girl than boy, but almost there. 


I found the magic food-spacing to prevent headaches and light headedness- if I eat every two hours I am good. 


The only unpleasant condition I can really complain about right now is Vulvar Varicose Vein in my pubic are- specifically on my right vaginal lip- I had it with y last pregnancy, nothing I can do about it until birth, and it hurts a lot when I get up from lying or sitting, but then the pain goes a way for the most part, but not the swelling. the swelling only goes away when I lie down. 


I have been having more and more very vivid dreams about the baby- giving birth to her/him; nursing; skin-to-skin. so precious.


I think that's all for now! thanks for reading!



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Hi, ladies! Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well :) I'm a little over 14 weeks now, and pretty much hungry all the time and I have to pee about 800 times every night.  I'm also a little frustrated because I'm having trouble finding cute maternity clothes for a petite frame. (I guess if those are my biggest problems, my life is pretty good, huh.) 


Anyone else nursing through pregnancy now? Only recently have I started to have a lot of discomfort at latch-on and I guess there isn't much to do about it. Anyone have this discomfort go away? I'm hoping to tandem, but if this continues I don't know how much past his second bday next month I'll be willing to go. 



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Originally Posted by domermommy View Post


Anyone else nursing through pregnancy now? Only recently have I started to have a lot of discomfort at latch-on and I guess there isn't much to do about it. Anyone have this discomfort go away? I'm hoping to tandem, but if this continues I don't know how much past his second bday next month I'll be willing to go. 



My dd4 is just a month older than your ds... and ugh... I'm right with you on hopes on tandeming, but having second thoughts. I feel like dd and I go through some hills and valleys when it comes to breastfeeding right now.  There will be a couple days in a row that are kind of uncomfortable (painful even), then things even out again.  Personally, I'm just feeling really touched-out and resentful because I swear dd4 thinks any time I sit down is time to nurse... and.. ugh... I'm kind of OVER her being a newborn!  I'm enjoying her diaper-free status now and *sigh* wishing she would move on from nursing -- at least somewhat!  DD3 nursed until she was nearly 3.5, but there was no baby on the horizon at that time and I'm pretty sure she didn't need to nurse nearly as much (just naps and bedtime). 


No answers for you... just hoping others have some words of wisdom to offer!


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re nursing:  I am not nursing right now, my DD weaned in September.  But I just wanted to give you ladies a shout out that you are doing great!  Maybe you can just try to set some boundaries with when and where you can nurse you little ones and just talk to them about it.  About cutting back a little because it is uncomfortable etc.  It might get easier closer to the end when you start making milk again?  Anyways, whatever you decide, you are awesome!!  One of my friends just nursed her 2 YO through her pregnancy with twins and is now nursing her twins and DS, what a rockstar!

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re nursing:  I am not nursing right now, my DD weaned in September.  But I just wanted to give you ladies a shout out that you are doing great!  Maybe you can just try to set some boundaries with when and where you can nurse you little ones and just talk to them about it.  About cutting back a little because it is uncomfortable etc.  It might get easier closer to the end when you start making milk again?  Anyways, whatever you decide, you are awesome!!  One of my friends just nursed her 2 YO through her pregnancy with twins and is now nursing her twins and DS, what a rockstar!

Your friend really is a rockstar!! Wow! I'm super impressed!



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Hi Everyone!  Its been super busy around here.  I feel like I need to catch up from all the laying around on the couch that I have done the last 10 weeks.  My house is truly a disaster.  I am feeling better nausea wise, but I have been having almost daily killer headaches.  They come and go through out the day, not bad enough to be a migraine, but annoying none the less.  I remember having them with DD, but I don't know if it was around this time or not.  It seems like that was so long ago!  


We had an appointment with the Midwife today.  We chatted for almost an hour and then we tried to find the HB with the Doppler.  Apparently baby had other ideas and was bent on dodging the Doppler. We would get a few beats here and there, but nothing really great.  We could hear baby in there moving so I think I am OK with it.  I think that we have decided to do the 20 week scan and I need to get that scheduled with our local hospital.  

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My midwife emailed me last night and my ultrasound is scheduled for April 18, I am so happy to have a date on the calendar to find out the sex!!

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i had a checkup today. everything is good. heartrate was 145 bpm and my weight is fine. my bloodpressure however is not. it was 141/83 when they took it and in my book that is too high. i was induced with ds due to hypertension and that induction ended in 32 hrs of agony, 6hrs of pushing and a c/s. ever since then i have been driving myself nuts over it. with dd i had it too and ended up measuring at home, where my blood pressure was just fine. today i asked if they could just remeasure and they did...it was 122/70...what a difference. maybe i have to talk my bp down before checkups lol.
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Weight gain...I lost weight in the first month or two, then gained about 10 pounds back lol. I am on the "fluffy" side lol so I really don't want to gain a whole bunch of weight, but I won't obsess..I will give in to some of my cravings. I need to watch the processed higher carb foods though, once my nausea improved I sort of went crazy for a bit. All summer and into fall last year I was doing tons of walking and lost weight without trying. Then we bought a car and didn't need to walk as much and my exercise decreased. I've started walking again, and swimming, and I'm feeling so much better after just a few weeks of being active again. I want to start using my prenatal yoga DVD too, I used it with my last pregnancy and I loved it. 


For mommies that are nursing while pregnant, that's awesome! When I was pregnant with my daughter I was still nursing my 2 1/2 year old DS. My milk did diminish quite a bit though it became very painful for me, so I only nursed for comfort and bed time for the last part of the pregnancy. Once my daughter was born my son was ecstatic to nurse again and I nursed him right up to his 4th bday. 


I've been feeling pretty good, just on the tired side. I'm 15 weeks and I think I might have felt movement a few times. Okay, logging off to go do some errands. 

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I've gained about 50lbs with both my last kids, and I was really hoping not to repeat that but I'm 14 weeks and already up 5.2 lbs.  I figured my better diet would help.....unfortunately I'm not sticking to it that well.  (and caveat - I'm not freaking about it - but this is following the same pattern for me as my last two).  My meals are actually great, but it's the additions of ice cream and chocolate that are hurting.  :-/  We'll see.  I'm also still working out pretty hard (3 or so workouts a week, plus 3 or 4 lifting sessions a week.  And I definitely eat when I'm done.  Today I worked out, came home and DH made chicken kabobs.  I ate ALL the leftovers.  Which means whatever DH didn't eat out of a pound, I ate the remaining (kids didn't eat that and had leftovers instead) plus tons of peppers and grilled pineapple.  SO GOOD!


Only problem I have is I'm SO bloated at night - even if I don't eat right before bed.  I'm so uncomfortable when I lay down and my belly just feels.....stretched?  I remember this with the last two - but not really sure there's a good fix for it.  I can't complain too much.  I never have to get up and pee during the night - so that's an upside.  But I wake up when DD comes in every night. And then IF DS comes in also (doesn't happen often, but does happen), and then I always wake up when DH gets up for work (at around 5am).  Yawn.....so glad tomorrow is Friday.  I always get to catch up on sleep on the weekends. 


I got some new chevron fabric for my Etsy shop today - and I'm having that friend make me a woven wrap with a chevron panel on the front - so excited!  I think I'm pretty well set for this babe now.  Friend is giving us her carseat once her little one is out of the convertible - we cosleep, so even though we sold all the nursery furniture (which we hardly used lol) we didn't' need it - I've already been buying a stash of used dipes for newborn stage and have tons leftover from DD.  I do need to start listening to my Hypnobabies though!  


Excited for everyone finding out the sex of their babies, but definitely sticking to my idea so far not to find out.  I decided the same thing last time, but wanted SOOO badly to find out that I caved.  I think now, having one of each, I just feel less compelled to know (we already had a son, and then I just really felt like DD was a girl, so I couldn't' wait to find out).  Excited for that moment when he/she is born and we get to see, hopefully as a family.  I'm also really hoping that either I can catch the baby this time or DH, if he's up for it.  I wanted to last time but was so caught up in the birth and the pain, to be honest.  Now I feel like I know what to expect and would love to have that experience.  

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I think I maybe felt the fetus move yesterday? (17 weeks 4 days). I tried to describe it to my sweetheart as "kind of like feeling your heartbeat, not in that it's rhythmic, but that you have to still yourself and pay attention to feel it". If it was the fetus, it was very low. My tummy was bubbling so much though that I can't be certain I wasn't just feeling gas. Since I will not be having an ultrasound unless it is determined to be medically necessary, will my midwife be able to palpate and feel where the fetus and/or placenta are? Will she be able to determine if there is any risk of the placenta being over/near my cervix so that I know if a cervix examination is risky? I don't even know if a cervix examination is standard at any point, I just don't know if that possibility is risky without knowing for sure that the placenta is in a safe place.

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Mole, how exciting if that was the baby! I've had one time when it was just unmistakeable, but there are definitely other times when I think my spidey senses are telling me that I'm feeling somersaults but since it's not so defined I can't be sure. Looking forward to unambiguous movement.


weight - I don't weigh. It's actually not the standard of care worldwide, and I know how I'm doing nutritionally without that particular data point. If my mw really wants to later in the pregnancy because we think something might be up, I'd do it, but until then, I just feel like it's unnecessary noise. If we're not out gorging ourselves on less-than-ideal stuff all the time, our bodies are going to do what they need to do, and that looks different for all of us.


bloat - goin' green, FWIW, I reported the same thing at my last visit (normal in the morning, Michelin Man status at night) and she said two things: one, to make sure to put my feet up during the day, and two, to reduce carb intake. This definitely was worse for me when we were visiting in-laws and I didn't have much of a chance to rest (i.e. put my feet up).


assorted pregnancy ramblings -

Energy: I'm still tired a lot. I'm trying to train myself to go to bed earlier and wake up a bit earlier because I'm traveling to a different time zone next week and will need to be up and at 'em ridiculously early for what I'm doing there.. Given my results so far, something tells me that I'll be up, but not necessarily functional. ;)

Food: I'm starting to really want non-carby food, which is a great sign for me. I actively don't want a lot of the stuff I had to resort to in the first trimester to get by. I'm still generally not hungry, but I did feel a bit hungry last night.

The weirdest one of all: This has been happening off and on for weeks, and a little Googling tells me that I'm not the only woman in the world to have experienced this, so I'll just throw it out there.. peeling nipples. It's not colostrum. I don't know what to say. My breasts haven't gotten any bigger, but I guess something is going on with the nipples themselves. Pregnancy is weird.


Happy Friday!

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It seems like I haven't actually posted to a chat thread in weeks, though I've been reading them all.  I'm 15 weeks now, and according the babycenter the baby is the size of an apple.  All of the sudden it feels like the pregnancy is going by too fast.  I'm right at 5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight (which was finally down to my pre-kids weight).  I'm definitely feeling flippy baby movements, which is fun.  My appetite is definitely increasing, and I'm dealing with much less nausea and fatigue.  I still have bad days, but not as many.  As a result I generally feel like I'm eating better, though I have somewhat picked back up coffee (which I had completely abandoned from weeks 6-13).  I'm telling myself that a tall light half caf frap a couple times a week is MUCH better than the one large cup of home brew half caf in the morning and a venti light full caf frap or latte in the afternoon I was drinking through the fall and early winter redface.gif


My 2 year old is sleep fighting lately, both at nap time and at bedtime.  DD1 is a sleep fighter too, as am I, so I can only blame myself, but it is making me crazy.  We pulled DD1 out of very part time Waldorf kindergarten to home school full time at the end of February.  I'm very happy with the decision, and all is generally going well, but I'm spending plenty of time and mental energy working out what will work for us now, and next year.  I'm planning to do a more traditional kindergarten March - August, take a long break for the birth and holidays from Sept - Dec, and then pick up first grade in January.


Next week we're leaving the girls at my mom's house (about 5 hours away) Thursday and Friday night and taking a mini vacation just DH and me.  We haven't ever spent a night away from either girl, so this is pretty big.  I'm excited and looking forward to the trip, but also feeling a bit nervous about how the weekend will play out.  My mom is wonderful, very ap, and very attached to the kids, but she's never had them for naps or bedtime, and she would prefer they be on a much earlier schedule than we are on.  We're dropping them off Thursday evening, returning Saturday evening, and staying at my mom's through Monday morning to have a family Easter visit (both sides of the family, including cousins, aunts, uncles, etc are in the same town), so honestly I'm more nervous about the 2 nights once we're back than anything.  Transitioning who's "in charge" can get difficult for all of us.  I'm also a bit worried about DD2, but with DD1 there as well as my mom, I'm sure she'll be ok.









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ok so i havn't posted for weeks and am going to force myself to try to actually muster up the energy to articulate lol


so i m 16W 1d according to my caculations, i still havn't been to an appointment or even found a midwife or ob greensad.gif im actually starting to get really anxious and freaked out! i went to the e.r about a week and a half ago because i had a pretty sever allergic reaction and was nervous about the green bean and got to see a little ultra sound ^_^ everything looked really good strong little heartbeat wiggleing his (or her) little bottom back and forth trying to get comfortable lol


ive been waiting to get tenncare "tennessee's government asistance healthcare blah! and its been loop after loop i just dont have time for with working and mommying and a hubby witha nightshift who is pretty much useless during the day dizzy.gif but i managed to get my birth certificate in yesterday and am hoping it will go through soon (and that they will retroactively pay for that e.r visit eeekk) alot of people are telling me people just wont except me as a care provider because im too far along and im really trying not to panic :(


im feeling pretty sad actually because i feel like this pregnancy to such a non event, with my first i was pretty young and the father was not excited to say the least and my family was more sad then happy for me so i always hoped if i had another it would be different and exciting and special and so far it feels like a whole lot of nothing except stress...idk maybe it will change but i feel like its going to all be another disappointing adventure....


as fare as phyisical stuff...does anyone else feel all hard already like all the way up under there breasts! my whole upper abdomon feel so stiff and full already and sometimes at night i seriously feel like by ribcage is going to crack open lol idk if its just because im getting super fat...or maybe my guts have just shifted in a very strange manner but its ridiculous for 16 weeks!


sigh ok sorry for all the blathering lol now i will try to stay involved and not be TOO LAZY TO TYPE! thank you for reading ^_^



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I have a hard time believing that a care provider wouldn't accept you at 16 weeks. People transfer care at all stages of pregnancy, although that isn't quite the same. What about women who find out late? I can't believe that no one would take them on as patients..
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Mole---Absolutely your MW will be able to feel where baby is. Not yet though, usually from 28 weeks onwards. Placenta, though, no. You can't feel a placenta externally. She might be able to listen to it with a fetoscope (like a stethoscope) and find a general area it is in, but she will not be able to know if it is near your cervix. It's one of the risks of declining ultrasound, the very small risk of having an undiagnosed previa. However it's rare and I'm sure you will be just fine. You don't have to have any vaginal exams if you don't want to, but some times they can be helpful, especially in labor. Discuss all of this with your own MW to see why her take on it is!
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Silvermoon , no matter what anyone else thinks your pregnancy won't be a disappointing adventure when you get to meet your new little one at the end right? As far as no one seeing you, don't stress about it. Why don't you at least call around and find someone you like and let them know you'll be seeing them as soon as your paperwork is done.







I have been having dreams about my baby. Last night I dreamed I could see my belly moving from my baby kicking around. Then I dreamed it was time to have my baby, and labor was only an hour. My dream didn't reveal if baby was a boy or girl though :P



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Hyde, I have peely nips, too! So strange.

I'm 17 weeks and a few days, and I think the babies are enjoying our spring break in Los Angeles. I'm always hungry and feeling frequent flutters. I'm really enjoying being noticeably pregnant. This is fun. And though I'm enjoying the trip, I can't wait to get back to my own bed. I also have that super stretched bloated feeling at night, but the sharp ligament pains seem to be subsiding. No baby dreams yet, but lots of nightmares about bad stuff happening to my cats.
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worldshakerz: ^_^! thank you! your right that meeting our new little bean is the most important part!


lol so today my manager at work touched my belly like 10000000000000 times and said HI BABY!! she explained that she's never done that to anyone before but she also was never close to anyone who was pregnant i thought it was pretty funny although ive noticed even more that im muched more popped then i should be at this point! wait till im further along and she can feel the baby actually movin around! i think she might actually do a happy dance lol! sooooo anyone else getting the belly touches yet??

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