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Thanks nukuspot! I'm going to absolutely ask my midwife all my questions when I meet her next. That just isn't for four more weeks and I love this amazing resource of being able to ask everyone here questions as they occur to me.

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Mole---Absolutely your MW will be able to feel where baby is. Not yet though, usually from 28 weeks onwards. Placenta, though, no. You can't feel a placenta externally. She might be able to listen to it with a fetoscope (like a stethoscope) and find a general area it is in, but she will not be able to know if it is near your cervix. It's one of the risks of declining ultrasound, the very small risk of having an undiagnosed previa. However it's rare and I'm sure you will be just fine. You don't have to have any vaginal exams if you don't want to, but some times they can be helpful, especially in labor. Discuss all of this with your own MW to see why her take on it is!