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I'm exhausted and therefore eating way to much sugar and ready-made junk food to cope

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Oh my gosh, I remember those days.  I had to eat ALL.THE.TIME. and usually with one hand!!  I so get it!  It was 6 months before I could go grocery shopping w/o buying a chocolate bar to eat on the way home.  In retrospect I realize I needed the calories.  Without trying (and with eating ALL THE TIME) I went down to 15lbs below my pre-preggo weight by 6 mos PP.


Here are some easy, ideas for things that are good for energy and that you can eat with one hand:


Boiled Eggs - just boil, peel and eat.  You can even peel a bunch at once to save time.  If you're feeling fancy, have an egg salad sandwhich.


Hummus - use it as a dip or spread.  I've been known to eat it with a spoon.  Buy a bag of baby carrots and you have a healthy snack. You can buy good hummus at the grocery store. 


Fruite smoothie - Make enough in one batch to last you through several days.  Put it in a to-go mug with a straw and take it with you when you leave the house or drink it while nursing DC.  My recipe: 1 bananna, some frozen peach slices, frozen blueberries, more fruit (whatever I have that's ripe.  Often mango, sometimes an orange, or other berries like strawberry, etc.) one half to one whole ripe avocado (makes it super creamy and those omega fats are so good for you and for baby!), milk to thin it a bit (cow, almond, soy, whatever you have) and yogurt (to make it creamy.  I use plain greek yogurt, but any kind will do).  You can also add flax seed, protien powder or other "boosters" if you like.


Trail Mix - 'nuff said


Sandwhiches - Get DH to make you one the night before.  PB&J is always good and easy.


Those are the ones that came to mind off the top of my head.  I'll try to think of more and re-post.

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wave.gifBirdie! I've been having the same problem since the new babe arrived and I ran out of my freezer food. I pretty much have some type of soup for lunch everyday, w/ baby interruptions this is the easiest way to make sure I eat something so I don't end up eating a loaf of bread later in the day.


For snacks I've been eating nuts since they're quick to grab and really give me a little protein pick me up. Second the trail mix type things; you can add something salty or sweet depending on what you crave so you can satisfy yourself, but still have reasonable portion sizes. Also easy to eat fruit to help with sugar cravings. I take a bunch of grapes off their vine, wash them and put them in a big bowl so I always have some to grab one-handed. And I have a single serve yogurt cup most days.


For more "real" meals I'm loving my crock-pot. I just dump in my meat and either cook it overnight or during the day then throw some easy sauce on top. We're doing mostly salads and frozen veggies for sides (not as great as fresh, but hey at least we're getting some veg) and a quick grain for the sides.

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Cheese is always easy, fruit (when you get home from the grocery just prep it all before you put it away), green smoothies, yogurt, whole grain snacks, eggs (even fried or scrambled don't take that long), baked potatoes from the crockpot, refried beans (we eat them straight out of the can), quesidillas (add chicken, cheese, salsa or whatever), peanut butter straight from the jar....  cucumbers, carrots and peanut butter.....

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I relied on yogurt, egg sandwiches (fried egg, cheese, bread and big handful greens - spinach or arugula, or just lettuce), and sometimes could make a big fruit salad that I'd snack on over a day or two.  Because I was also prone to overdoing it with sweet bakery-type goods, having lots of fruit around really helped.  So would juice - sometimes just a cup of juice was all the extra I needed, if I had that before gorging myself on more cookies in my starving, nursing, tired mama state.  I also got those pourable, prepared veggie soups and would have that on the side of. . . whatever all week long.     


(as an aside. . . pie is totally healthy, I mean it's usually full of fruit, no? winky.gif Just have a scoop of yogurt on the side).  

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Muesli and yoghurt is good. If you get a natural ( not toasted ) and make sure it has plenty of nuts and not too much dried fruit then it should be fairly low sugar.

Any chance your husband could make a few extra serves of dinner each night that you could freeze? Or when he has a day off one of you make a big pot of something for the freezer.
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What about a crock pot. After baby number 2 that's all I used for awhile. I'd put all the dry ingredients in the crockpot at night after the kids had gone to bed then stored the pot in the fridge. In the morning I'd add the wet stuff and turn it on. 


If it was something that needed 6 or less hours to cook I sometimes waited until morning to chop and fill. It gave me all morning to get that done.


Also, meal planning saved me. I'd make out a menu for the week and make my grocery list based on that. After grocery shopping I'd post the menu on the fridge so I knew what to do each day. HUGE savior. My littlest is 3.5 and I still meal plan. 

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I understand how your feeling but you need to eat properly and take care of yourself.


I love my slow cooker. W a 5.5y old, a 3y old & a 4 month old baby all w school activities & extra programs & a dh that works odd hours I survive b-c of my slow cooker. I've got it plugged in now..not to mention ess dishes when using a slowcookerthumb.gif


I also wash and prep all fruit as soon as I buy it. Wash and baggy grapes/grape tomatoes & baby carrots for quick snacks & the kids lunches. I chop extra veg for different meals. I already have my pasta veg chopped for 2moro b-c I was chopping veg this am for the slowcooker and 2moro will be insane so its 1 less thing to worry about.  


I also go thru all my cupboards before shopping and figure what I can make before buying more groceries. I plan every meal so that things overlap. On a day where were having veggies & hummus for lunch I chop extra and make salad for dinner. saves me repulling everything out @ another meal.


I make extras of everything for dh and I to have for lunch the next day and make easy freezable things as well. The kids are having veggie corndog muffins for lunch w a baggie of prechopped veg & fruit, a container of pre portioned yogurt,a rice cake,pre washed apple & fruit snacks. ds school lunch took me 5 min to put together...thats how long it took to heat up his thermos for the muffins.



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I always try to make extra of whatever healthy meal I made for dinner. Otherwise,fruit and nuts are great,as well as whole wheat,or whole grain bread with peanut,or other,nut butter. Plus,things like fruits,nuts and these sandwiches,you can eat one-handed!

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Wow, these are all wonderful ideas!  I am making up a new meal/snack plan and groceries list to include all these easy and healthy things.


nstewart, when you make a large batch of smoothie to last several days, do you store it in the fridge or freezer?


You can just store it in the fridge.  I usually leave it right in the blender with the lid on top.  The top might get a bit brown from oxidization, but that doesn't really bug me because it still tastes great.


Another thought I had - have you tried Steel Cut Oats?  You could do this recipe and prepare enough for a week at a time.  Top with fruit, yogurt, kehfir, seeds, or whatever you feel like and you have a yummy healthy breakfast or snack.

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I am far past the nursing stage but am smack in the middle of another can't-stop-eating-and-am-only-eating-junk phase in my life.

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SundayCrepes and caiesmommy and everyone who recommended the crockpot/slowcooker, could you share your favorite recipes?  My baby is terribly sensitive to onions so that unfortunately excludes all those easy recipes with condensed soups and I am having a hard time finding something I can make and eat.


I never use those condensed soups or the dry mixes when I use the crock pot.  I don't have any recipes to share as I have been winging it so long, I don't have any saved or written down. 


For beef roasts, I just dust them generously with salt and pepper or whatever seasonings I have on hand.  I like Adobo (but check the label, I have no idea if it contains onion salts) and I tend to pick up dry rubs when one catches my eye.  (again, check ingredients)  I add a little liquid to the pot and let it go.  I put in leftover wine or beer if we have any on hand or just water. 


Maybe you and your DH could tag-team the meals, you could start a large roast in the crock pot that will be ready when he starts the sides AND you will have plenty of left overs.  When I do roasts, I shred the leftover meat for future meals of BBQ beef sandwiches and roast beef enchilladas. 


I think risotto is one of those dishes that is fantastic the next day.  I top it with butternut squash cubes (cooked), whatever nuts I have on hand and blue cheese.  I stretch quinoa several days doing the same thing.


Split chicken breast halves are a good crock pot meat too.  Again, I use whatever seasonings on hand.  Lemon pepper comes to mind, smoked paprika too.  Shredded leftovers make good chicken salad.  I like to add diced apples, nuts and dill to my chicken salad.  Mix up one big batch to last a couple of days.


The parenting and other quick and easy cook books never appealed to me, too labor intensive for the results (lots of steps for so-so dishes) and some seem to rely on a lot of packaged ingredients.  Not that packaged ingredients alone are bad but it is really just as easy to roast a whole chicken rubbed with oil, salt and pepper (stuff with lemons!)  then to mix up packet of this and that to pour over chicken pieces.  And a whole chicken provides leftovers.


Cooking extra of healthy stuff is such a life saver and it is something we aren't doing right now, which is why I am stuck in my junk funk.


Something so simple as browning 3x as much ground beef as you need and freezing 2/3 of it for later use can be a lifesaver.



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my slowcooker advice is to go check out slowcooker 365! wicked sight! I also lived off salt free tortilla chips avocado & goats milk cheese. use the chips to scoop out avocado & goats milk cheese...wonderful.



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What great ideas!  I'm pregnant now and taking notes!  When my dd was little, my dh got really good at cooking... I was on complete bed rest for 12 weeks and then was just as helpless with a high needs infant.  Dh learned how to cook all sorts of things for supper in bigger batches, then put them in individual serving containers and froze or put in the fridge for my lunches.  Some of the easiest and tastiest ones were lasagnas, quiches, bean burgers, and soups/chili.  I lived on his leftovers for months!  He also kept the freezer stocked with the healthy/organic frozen pizzas and meals, like Amy's burritos and veggie sausages that I could heat really quick for an emergency snack or we could have if he didn't want to cook.  Not the greatest or cheapest, but works in a pinch.  For breakfasts I did (and still do often) steel cut oats or muslix/yogurt, prepared the night before. 


I've gotten pretty slack about snacks lately too though.  I usually cook 3 meals a day, and when morning sickness hit, I just did NOT want to be in the kitchen any more than I had to.  So... my snacks have become whatever I can grab and get out!  Crackers, nuts, trail mix, piece of fruit, yogurt cup, dried fruit, tortilla chips/salsa, cheese, pickles, low-sugar cereal.  I like to make miso soup for a snack or quick lunch... heat a mug of water and add some tofu cubes and a spoon of miso.  If I think ahead when I cook (which isn't as often as I should b/c I HATE meal planning), I'll cut some extra veggies to go with salad dressing, make some extra boiled eggs, cook extra chickpeas to make hummus.  Would love to hear other ideas for grab-n-go snacks with little or no kitchen prep time!

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Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are 



Cream of mushroom soup: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/vegetariancrockpotrecipe/r/creamofmushroom.htm


Sloppy Lentils: http://fatfreevegan.com/blog/2010/03/23/sloppy-lentils/





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Originally Posted by birdie.lee View Post


Hi Ram!  How's Brody?  He is cute as a button snuggling on that teddy bear.   Do you make your soup or do you buy it ready-made


Brody's doing good and growing so fast! I'm sure you've seen huge changes in L.

I make my soups from scratch in big batches and then freeze them. That way I can just defrost what I need and leave some in the fridge to eat as I want.


My favorite crock-pot foods are: pulled pork that we use for BBQ or quesadillas, cooking a whole chicken in there, then the meat just falls off the bone and I use it for whatever (it's like those precooked, prepackaged chicken pieces at the store, but I don't have to worry about whatever junk they put in those), red beans and rice go well in there too and tuna pasta. I just google slow-cooker XX recipe and try that. I ignore any ingredients we don't have and cut out the ingredients we don't eat. I don't like onions so I usually cut those out and don't notice a huge difference since L can't eat those.

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If you can't find a muesli you like its easy to make your own. Just a packet of rolled oats, other grains such as bran flakes if you want them, plus whatever nuts and dried fruits you like. Mix together and store in an airtight container.
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burritos consisting of beans, cheese, and salsa - can throw whatever veggies you have on hand in there

Quesadilla - same as burrito only you cook it in a different shape

Green smoothies

pizza - english muffin type

raw nuts

soups - Amy's has some good canned soups 

basic salad

sweet potato homemade baked fries

trail mix

Boiled egg

Greek yogurt

Fresh fruit 

Tortilla chips and salsa

bagel and cream cheese

And healthy whole grain cereals 

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