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Another thing that helps me is eating, almost overeating, before I go into a grocery store.  And going with a list.  I will pick up chips from time to time but other than that I never buy junk and ask DH to do the same.  That way the ONLY options in the house are healthy.  After awhile, it becomes second nature to pick from the healthy options that are easily accessible in the house.  It is a bit of learning curve and takes some getting used to at first but it becomes so much easier.   When you get home from the store start prepping vegetables/fruits to be ready, like the premade veggie trays are, and put them in plain sight.  Just little stuff like that can help.  Or just buy the premade raw veggie trays and/or fruit for awhile while you are so low on energy.  


If I want unhealthy I have to load up and drive to get it.  And that rarely ever happens as we live on land so it is usually way too much time/effort.  Also, I prepare in advance before leaving the house.  I measure out nuts, larabars, 100% real fruit leather, little cuties, small apples, etc. and put each portion in small reusable baggies and take a bag before leaving the house.  Lunches for work are packed the night before.  That way we never get caught without something to eat so we don't have to buy unhealthy food while out.  

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Also I should update that my eating the past two days has been much better.  Some of the things I have had are: bananas with greek yogurt, cheese, apples, trail mix (I made trail mix! oh the simple joys), and cottage cheese.  I also have plans to boil up some eggs and bake some potatoes in the crockpot.  I know those things sound super simple but compared to the junk I've been eating it is great.

Super simple is good!  It means that it is do-able for you without too much stress and without taknig time away from other important things (like sleep, for example!)


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Oh, that reminds me, I used to mix trail mix with yoghurt sometimes for a snack. Yum!
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A stash of baked potatoes is the best (this coming from a pregnant mama of a toddler)!  I can pull one out for lunch and put just about anything on top of it to have for lunch for me and my DS.  Leftover veggies, chilli (left-over or from a can), sour cream and herbs, Greek yogurt... Sweet potatoes also work well for this by the way!


I have also been making batches of muffins that are packed with seeds and nuts.  I realized that if I made nut and fruit bread, or even corn bread, I would cut myself a huge slab and then maybe even another if I felt so inclined.  But with muffins, I am much more conscious of how much I am eating.  If one muffin (or two) doesn't cut it, maybe I need a piece of fruit, or some cheese, or something else that will actually satisfy my hunger.


Quick proteins seem to do the most for me when I am feeling like I need a lasting boost.  I have been really into apples and various nut butters.  And usually after a couple of bites of that my DS wants to add another element to spice things up I guess.  So, I'll hop up (okay less hopping, more like standing) and grab the cheese out of the fridge, or a banana, or yogurt, or aforementioned muffin... then it starts to feel like a feast.  Man, if we had some of that leftover crockpot roast it really would be a feast!  I know what is going on the grocery list for me!


Anyway, it sounds like you are on the right track!  So much good advice, and so many good reminders.  Good luck!



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Ram , yes, it is amazing the changes in L.  I got teary eyed during one of our nursing sessions this morning, thinking about how fast he is growing.  What kind of pork do you use for the pulled pork?  For tuna pasta, that sounds good, do you have a particular recipe?  (I googled it and there are too many to choose from.)

 I know, it's flying by! Brody's outgrown his newborn clothes and I got a little emotional putting them away. My first choice is pork shoulder, but I'll use anything on sale and most cuts turn out great in the crock pot. I don't have a real tuna recipe. I mix in the tuna then milk or cream and add seasoning till I like it.

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There are some great suggestions in this thread! 


I find that having some home made trail mix on hand helps get me through intense junk food cravings too. I make a mix of almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cherries or cranberries and some dark chocolate chips. Throwing a snack bag of this before I head out the door gets me through a lot of rough moments and keeps my energy level steady.

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Oh, yes, I've been there! All these ideas are great. I just want to add that one of the reasons you are exhausted is because you are eating the sugary, processed stuff. Especially while breastfeeding - your body is screaming for extra micronutrients and fat. Once you get more nutrient dense foods in your body you'll probably find your energy increases.

I notice a HUGE difference in my energy and my cravings when I stick to lots of good, healthy fats, no processed foods, etc.

I'll second the rec for eggs - hard boiled or fried in grass fed butter....keeps me going for hours. And good deli meat (organic, nitrate free), like ham, wrapped around cheese and veggies (carrots, peppers or some lettuce). A few of those make a great, easy lunch. Coconut oil makes a big difference for me, too - I drop a dollop in my coffee in the morning or have it in tea later in the day and it's a great, boosting kind of fat.
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Just some suggestions (sorry if I repeat):

Fresh pineapple
Red pears (delicious!)
Baked squash rounds - slice squash, brush with olive oil or butter, and bake at 400 for 10ish minutes (can do this with zucchini, too) - This literally takes 2 minutes from fridge to oven & they are sooo yummy & addictive.
Annie's granola bars (sweet but still semi okay for you - this is what I've started eating when I really want a chocolate bar)
Wheat Thins topped with cheese squares (and tomato slices, if you have time) - I know Wheat Thins aren't ideal, but they're better than potato chips.
Cheese squares (the kind that come pre-cut and individually wrapped)
Peanut butter on toast, sprinkled with sunflower seeds - loooove
Peanut butter & banana wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla
Scrambled eggs & salsa in a whole wheat tortilla - I hate the microwave, but you can zap an egg for 1 minute in a glass bowl, and it will be perfectly scrambled. Works in a pinch!
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I buy all of my nuts, seeds and dried fruits at a bulk food store which helps to keep the cost down. It also doesn't take much of this to do the job. 2 tablespoons of this mix is plenty for a serving, even when I was going on 2 hour snowshoe hikes through the woods last winter. I suspect I was spending more per day on my snacks when I was trying to fill up on things like bagels and crackers.

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Boil some eggs ahead of time and then use them in recipes. They're great on salads, which take no time to put together, great for egg salad sandwiches, and actually are pretty good in stir fry as well. A really quick meal that's healthy is sauteing carrots and broccoli, or other veggies, and then add a bit of oil, some salt and pepper and some yummy herbs. It takes about ten minutes or less and is really good.

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Yes I've been there before. We are trying to take a much healthier approach to life and I've posted ideas on my blog http://homemomsandhealth.blogspot.com/. We started making green smoothies and to be honest I don't know why we never did this before. They keep me pretty full for a few hours and I have much more energy than I did before. Freezing your fruit makes them very filling and smooth without having to use ice. We also add some flax seed oil. acidophilus. and aloe to ours for an extra boost. Some of our recipes are posted on my blog but here is one of our favorites


Green Blueberry Smoothie


1/3 cup Spinach 

5 baby carrots 

1/3 cup parsley  

1/10 cucumber

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1 small frozen apple

1/2 cup frozen raspberries



agave nectar to taste

yogurt optional 

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