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Headaches? What are you using? Safe herbs?

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I've been having about 6 headaches a week.   I seem to be ok when I get up in the morning but as the day progresses the headache slowly builds.  By 5 o'clock I am miserable and need to lay down.  I try to stay up and awake though and get the kids to bed and I'm usually asleep by 9 or 10.  


I've tried Tylenol, staying hydrated, eating frequently, caffeine, fresh air, stretching, peppermint oil.... sleeping is the only thing that really helps.


The pain is in the front of my forehead and back of my neck.  I called my midwife but she didn't have any more suggestions to offer.  Also, headaches can be a side effect of the zofran, *sigh* Guess I need to call my OB.


And does anyone have a handy list online of safe herbs for pregnancy?  

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I've been trying to pinpoint info on magnesium, and I haven't found anything definite. I've taken it a few times now (100mg), and it's helped with my headaches - my reasoning is that I'm not even getting my full dose of prenatal or much in my diet, and I've read studies on how it helps with irritable uterus etc. Not sure which form is best, I take the glycinate form. I've taken it a handful of times now, so fingers crossed what I read was accurate - maybe check with your midwife about her opinion?


My anti-nausea (diclecton) gave me a wicked headache too, so I had to stop it. I couldn't sleep with the headache that it gave me, so opted for continued barfing - ugh! 


Good luck - I keep reading this passes with the 2nd tri too - more to look forward to!

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I get migraines from my TMJ.  I take 500mg extra magnesium a day aside from what is in my prenatals.  Magnesium helps with headaches from muscle tension.  The only side effect if you take too much is diarrhea. 

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I get these too - they are mild migraines from tiredness (for me). I can tell because I get light sensitive as well. AFAIK there is nothing other than sleep that helps them. :( 

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i got pretty bad headaches with my first and took willow bark, its more natural form of asprin that helped. also drink lots and lots of water

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Yes, I've gotten a few just this week. :(  The only thing that helps me is Tylenol. The other night I had a mild one and tried to sleep it off but woke up at midnight with a majorly splitting head.

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