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How did I become SOOO gassy?!?

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Pardon my language but WTF??!! I have been SOOO gassy lately, as in the past couple weeks.


Can someone shed some light? I've made lots of changes to my diet, eliminating basically the top 8 allergens, plus strawberries and chocolate (per scratch test)  b/c my BF DD has eczema and trying to determine the culprit. None determined... still itchy. 


Perhaps its because I started taking my probiotics regularly? before I would take one here and there, now I do about 1-2 tablets a day, plus some of DDs.  Even more recently (about 4 days) I started taking digestive enzymes with the thought that perhaps further breaking down foods would help quell the eczema. I have yet to see results of that. Since starting those, I feel like the gas has just gone through the roof! (Yikes!! TMI, sorry)


Just doing detective work here. I'm trying so hard to be healthy for DD and feel like I'm screwing up royally somewhere. Could I be detoxing? What is happening... so confused!

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I found when I first start taking pro-biotics or enzymes I produce extra gas as my body is getting things going the way they should be.  You might try cutting back to 1 dose of probiotics for a week and then upping your dose to 2.


ETA: I also found myself eating more cruciferous vegetables when I was off all the allergenic foods because well, there isn't much else to eat!  Those will make you gassy too.

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Ah... Well that's comforting, in a flatulent sorta way!redface.gif

How long did it last? I swear I'm gassy all day long regardless of what I eat, it seems
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Hmmm, trying to remember.  I think it lasted about a week and a half to two weeks.  I actually can't get my DH to take probiotics for this reason.

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Ok, its been about 2.5, possibly 3 weeks later and the gas is (sorry, TMI...) SOO smelly.  For a while I was a little constipated, and more recently bowel movements have been looseIs it to be expected (and horribly smelly as well)?  I've cut back on the probiotics, since.  Still take digestive enzymes before each large meal.  What if I take the digestive enzymes in the morning, on an empty stomach?? Would it help digest and get rid of old stuff hanging out in my intestines?

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