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Total exhaustion - anyone else?

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I am almost 7 weeks and for the last two days, I have been feeling completely, utterly, lie-on-the-couch-all-day exhausted. I work full-time and took a sick day today, but I am worried about how I will make it through - I can't just stop going to work! I am literally so tired (and also nauseous, but no vomiting) that it's a struggle for me to stand up and do anything for longer than like 5 minutes, then I'm back on the couch/bed again. I feel so incredibly unproductive and am really worried about how long this will last. Anyone else experiencing this? Words of wisdom to provide this first-time mommy? I am wondering if maybe I'm anemic - I have my first prenatal appointment tomorrow, so hopefully I will get some answers.

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I felt this way in the early day of my first pregnancy. It's like someone pulled the plug on you...not fun. But it will get better. Just remember your body is doing important and hard work right now. Switching gears and getting set up for growing a beautiful baby! As far as I can remember it did last for a few weeks.... hang in there and order take out... smile.gif

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Yes, I feel that way too.  I'm 7w2d and I've had this for a couple of weeks now.  I'm just dragging all the time and find myself watching garbage on hulu at noon.  I keep googling exhaustion in early pregnancy to  encourage myself with how normal this is... it will pass.

This is my 4th pregnancy, so it definitely goes away by the 2nd trimester.  I remember with my 2nd pregnancy I would fall asleep on the floor while my 9 month old crawled around... I'd wake up and have no idea what she had done for the last half hour :-(

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Ha, I was going to post something quite similar! Only I am a SAHM and I currently have DH at home a lot, supporting me where he can.


But I am sooo exhausted the whole time. I literally have no energy. I can think about going to the basement and putting in a load of laundry and then I can'T muster up the energy to actually 'do' it. I am also constantly nauseous and just tired... And it started around week 7, before I was almost symptom-free.


I talked to a friend who had been pregnant a few months ago (and sadly lost the baby in her first trimester) and she said, she had felt exactly the same and her iron levels were fine (I had wondered about iron too). I felt pretty reassured by that, it's great to have someone who knows exactly what you feel like and just can relate and give you the feeling that it's OK! I honestly don't remember being this exhausted in the first tri with my other pregnancies. I am thinking: tops another month of this and then my energy will come back.


This being an unplanned addition to our family we will also have to move to a bigger place in the summer and just the thought of packing up this household and decluttering is killing me! but hopefully by the time we have found something new I will be in full-on nesting mode and a move will be the perfect channel for my energy ;)


Hang in there, mama. I don't know what I would do if I was working full-time right now... But be gentle on yourself and avoid the guilt trip. no point in that, really.

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Yes I'm tired.  I wake up tired and get more and more tired as the day goes on.  And when I'm not exhausted, I still have no energy to do anything.  Totally unmotivated.  I have laundry to do, toys to pick up, dishes to put away and I can barely find the strength to get dressed.


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Yes. Same way. No advice but it does go away- almost magically Ard the beginning of the 2nd trimester.
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Me too.  Also have a 10 month old who is a poor sleeper.  Also trying to get our house ready to sell.  Also work a couple of days a week.  Also can't wait until 2nd trimester burst of energy.  Exhaustion is my constant companion.  I just keep telling myself I won't feel this way forever.  Go to bed as early as you can and take care of yourself.  Hugs.

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I am sleeping easily 10-12 hours a night....weird since I"m normally good with 7.  And I wake up exhausted, am exhausted thru the day, and I can't wait for 7 o'clock to roll around so I can get into bed and drift off.  Often with my two older ones in bed with me and then my DH puts them to sleep when he comes up at 10 or 11.  :)  


I feel for you!  

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Super tired here. I've been in bed really early this past week. I'm usually a night owl that's up super late.

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I haven't hit the wall where I'm exhausted constantly yet, but by mid afternoon, I need a nap, and if I don't get one, I'm not fun to be around. It will pass, but it's still strange to realize a little being not much bigger than an appleseed can affect me so much!

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I'm pretty good through out the day so far.  I hit a point mid day where if I where home and not at work I would definitely take a nap.  However, once I get home and get everyone fed I'm pooped.  It is a fight to keep my eyes open.  I'm glad it doesn't last the whole pregnancy!

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I am very grateful to be able to take a nap each afternoon when DS naps. Sometimes he'll sleep his 3 hour nap without waking up needing to be settled and wow, do I sleep hard when that happens. I'll wake up after 2-3 hours and think "I must have been asleep for 10 minutes, time to go back to bed!". My blueberry sized baby is exhausting and sickening me daily! orngbiggrin.gif

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I feel pretty horrible as well. I am grateful I haven't been hit with HG. But the exhaustion, hunger, nausea, headaches, cramps and just a general feeling of "blah" is really making me feel down in the dumps. greensad.gif I am 8 weeks now, so I am just praying that I will feel full of energy when the first trimester is over.

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Bumping this thread because all of this hit me today... I've had the past two days off and all I did was sleep... or just lay sluggishly in my bed and daze off at the TV until I rolled over and fell back to sleep. I have no energy to get dressed, I leaned against the shower wall for 15 minutes because I had no will to scrub myself. I cannot stand bending over as it takes too much energy. I have laundry to do and grocery shopping...but I'm just tired.


I am sitting at work now and I just downed a quart of orange juice praying that the next 6 hours (until work ends) and 25 minutes (time it takes me to get home), to fly by so I can crawl into my bed. But then I have to be back up at 930pm to do it all over again >:[

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Oh my gosh SuperK I hear ya!  Up until a few days ago it wasn't that bad. These days I make it until about noon at work feeling okay, then WHAM!  I feel like if I closed my eyes I would be out for who knows how long.  It's a struggle for me lately.  When I get home all I want to do is lay down (which is nearly impossible with two little ones).  Needless to say as soon as they go to sleep so do I!  I'm soooo glad this doesn't last long.

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Ok, I thought I was tired, until this weekend and now I am TIRED.  I am dragging.  Saturday I napped all afternoon and then fell asleep putting dd#3 to bed.  Got up for a short time and then went back to sleep.  And what did I dream about???  Sleeping!  Yes, I dreamt all night about sleeping.  In my dream I kept waking up and then falling right back to sleep.  Yesterday featured another nap (I never ever nap) and then I fell asleep putting dd#3 to bed again.  Stayed up a little longer after waking from that "nap" but still slept pretty soundly the rest of the night with intense dreams.  Currently my kids are waiting for lunch and I can't imagine dragging myself out of this chair.  I am 9 weeks today.  

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Oh my gosh SuperK I hear ya!  Up until a few days ago it wasn't that bad. These days I make it until about noon at work feeling okay, then WHAM!  I feel like if I closed my eyes I would be out for who knows how long.  It's a struggle for me lately.  When I get home all I want to do is lay down (which is nearly impossible with two little ones).  Needless to say as soon as they go to sleep so do I!  I'm soooo glad this doesn't last long.

The WHAM thing is sooo true!! Mid afternoon all the sudden I just feel like falling over asleep! You WOHM mamas with active little kids to go home to have my deepest respect. bow.gif

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I am pregnant with my first, about 9 weeks now. I am EXTREMELY tired all day, no matter what. I work full-time, so the days just drag on painfully.


It's been hard for my partner to take. I will sleep all day and all night.. one morning he even woke me up to ask if I was depressed! Then he thought I had mono! He makes fun of me because everytime I eat a meal, all I want to do is go to sleep... eating makes me exhausted. We started calling it a "fat girl nap" sleeping.gif


Luckily the morning sickness has been gone for about a week and a half now, however I'm starting to get little bouts of them here and there. I am here at work, been here for only an hour and a half... 5 oclock cant come any sooner.......

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I am having my worst day ever today. greensad.gif didn't get enough sleep, no coffee, and just fought with my 2yo for an hour and a half to take a nap. All he wants to do us nurse but it hurts and I think my supply is way down and I am crabby, nauseous, bloated and miserable! Waaaahhhh! 9w5d today.
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Is there anything else besides Iron Levels that can make you/us feel this exhausted?  I emailed my midwife and told her how I was doing and she wants me to do my blood panel early, she said she has a few "ideas".  I am seriously sitting on the couch, just falling asleep.  I find that eating constantly helps, but I don't want to eat, so that is making it more difficult!  I feel for all of you!

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