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EC Help Potty Pause, Walking, Nighttime, etc.

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So I am having a few issues and haven't been able to find much help on previous threads.  We started EC when our daughter was 6 weeks old and it went very smoothly until around 6.5-7 months when she started arching her back and refusing the potty.  So I seriously backed off and let her use the diapers a lot more because it wasn't even worth offering as she began to cry when we just headed toward the bathroom!  Around 9 months, she seemed to get back into it and was using semi-regularly.  Now she is 10.5 months and started walking a month ago and ever since she started walking, she is only interested in the potty about half the time (or less).  Otherwise, she just arches her back and then pees right after I put her down.  I have the most success when we are outside or in public.  I think she wants to be more independent with it so I let her use a little potty and she just stands up with a look of concern when I set her there...and then walks off and pees somewhere else.  The biggest concern was tonight when I was going to let her pee while she was breastfeeding and she pulled off the breast and started crying and then peed all over my lap - she would stop peeing when I held her out a little over the pot.  She was majorly upset!  What to do?  It seems like all of the tricks that everyone suggests are not reallly working or applicable with us.

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Not sure I have anything that will be helpful, but since nobody has replied.... My DD is 11 months, and just started properly crawling, so different stage, but we sometimes have issues with refusal and her getting upset. Sometimes I feel like it is a habit - not that she hates being on the potty or anything, but as soon as you start to get her in the position it's like something clicks and she thinks "I'm suppose to fight this"...;) Also, I notice that she is growing aware of her ability to communicate more than basic things with her voice/body, and is trying that out. And I can only imagine that with walking, your daughter might be even more reluctant to stop what she is doing. I wonder if shaking it up somehow might help? For DD sometimes I take her outside (unless it's freezing) or put the potty in a different, interesting spot....sometimes I hold her on it on the table top, which seems to surprise her slightly and be enough to change the frame of mind. Perhaps having a few special objects/toys she could have while on the potty? Maybe even a different potty? I imagine these are all the "tricks" you mention that aren't working...

Oh, another thing - I have been cueing DD with sound (which isn't really necessary anymore, since just being in the position is enough) but recently I started using a hand sign. DD seems interested, and it could be my imagination but sometimes I think she is looking at my hand thinking "she's doing that thing again..." and she seems more relaxed.

Anyway, good luck! I know when things are not going "well" it can eat away at you, and you think "it was going so well!" but I really think sometimes there are just stages and you can try and try to solve them and nothing seems to work and then...it does! So hopefully that happens for you! 

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We got through some potty refusal by keeping a potty close so they didn't have to go far to pee and also by asking, "Would you like to pee in the potty or the toilet?" Taking the yes/no out of it helped.  Sometimes making it novel helped.  "Do you want to see the bubbles your pee makes when you stand on the toilet seat and pee into the water?" 


Actually I made it through pretty much all of toddlerhood with those two tactics.

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Thanks for the responses! 

AliceMay, I have tried all of those things :(  She will often go outside (at least better than inside).  It's just funny how sometimes she will go half of a day or all day consistantly using the potty and then other days she will just start fussing as soon as we even take her diaper off.  The other funny thing is that when we're out in public and recently I flew with her for the first time (2-part flight) and she had a dry diaper the whole day of travels.  My husband thinks it's that she will go back to what she knows when she is uncomfortable/in a new place and EC is what she knows and can fall back on during those times.  I think that makes sense to me.  But, maybe I need to try bringing the potty to her instead of always taking her somewhere to go.  I guess we'll just keeep trying.  I always read about other people who say, "oh, as soon as my baby started crawling/walking, they just used their own potty by themselves" and I don't know why mine doesn't want to do that :(  Oh well, like you said, it's a phase and when it's over it will seem like it never happened...just like all of the other frustrating times.


Seraf - I might have to try those tactics pretty soon.  She's still a little young (11 months next week) and so I'm not sure she is always interested in the things I am saying, although I think she does comprehend most of it.  I think I'll try it today though and see how it goes :)

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I've also been singing new songs, or just generally being crazy, which seems to distract DD long enough so she forgets she wants to fuss and then she'll relax and be ok. 

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