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Old Bras?

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What's everyone doing with their too small bras? I think I read somewhere that women tend to gain one cup size during pregnancy, and then another cup size during breastfeeding. That means that our pre-pregnancy bras may be shelved for at least 2-3 years... and that's assuming we ever go back to our previous size.


I currently only have 2 bras that are fitting me, but my bra drawer is just bursting. (It's a tiny drawer of a side table.) I probably have -at least- 10 bras that will not fit me for at least quite awhile. Part of me says to just get rid of a bunch of the too small ones, but they're still in good condition, and honestly I like having good quality bras. I have even spent more on a bra than I have for a good quality pair of pants. So, the other side of me says to hold on to them just in case. What do you guys think, and what are you doing yourselves?

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When pg with DS I just vacuumed bagged all my too small bras. Then when DS weaned at 3ish I git them back out again. Some worked and some didn't, I then got rid of the ones that didn't work but was happy to have the ones that did!

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I've got bags and boxes of clothes and bras that may or may not ever fit again. Luckily, I have the space to store it in a spare room, and I figure I'll get rid of whatever doesn't fit eventually. This is my first, so I probably won't fit into much again, but I don't want to have to buy it all again in the event that I do fit back into things. However, I hadn't thought about it before - I should probably take this as an opportunity to get rid of the really old stuff that is falling apart (especially bras). 

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I put mine in a box when I got pregnant with my first and I got rid of them last year when I found them while organizing for a rummage.  I now have a new set of too small bras overflowing my drawer and I should go through them again.  It's hard to keep up with the fluctuating bra sizes.  Any that are in there now I will keep for awhile again and then toss a few years from now if I need to.  I swear I have bras in every band size and cup size from 34D - 42DD (And lots of huge- ass cup sizes in there I didn't know existed before)  I just moved up from a 38DD to a 38DDD.  So now I have two new bras in that size, that I hope will last the next few months before nursing bras and tanks become the norm.  I have some 38G-H nursing bras, I really, really hope will fit this time because those suckers are expensive.

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Hmmm.  I have a huge collection of bras in about ever size....  I have shrunk since before kids and it has been nice to be able to go to the closet to get whatever size I need at that time.  So- either I am weird or don't count on being larger after weaning :)

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Maybe we need to have a bra swap twins.gif Although I doubt anyone's size is going DOWN!

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I just put a couple of bras in the back of my drawer to wear in the distant future! The nursing bras (fab. Bravados) I've been using the past 3 years are going there too, as soon as my new larger size comes in the mail. So strange with this pregnancy my cup size has gone up more than the last two---all that organic dairy I'm consuming?? tee hee.

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Inspired by this thread I started weeding out my bra drawer, I am going to put the nursing bras in.  I  picked up one that looked "tiny" and it was a D cup!  Apparently it didn't take me long to get reaccustomed to my DDD cups.

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Mine don't get very big while I'm pregnant, and only really noticably bigger for the first few months of breastfeeding.  After the last kid weaned, I got SO small and flat!  Until I gained 20 pounds....ha!  I only have boobs when I'm bigger all over :)  I just save mine.  Of course, I mostly wear stretchy sport bras, and usually not underwire, so fit isn't as big of a deal.  I'm having boob envy of all of you right now!

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I had finally splurged and bought some very nice bras last summer, so I am not going to just get rid of them. But I am already very large, 30F. Now I am About a 34H or J so I've gone up a significant number of cup sizes already. (especially not even having milk yet!) I really hope i fit into an F again someday or I will have to cry. i don't want to have boobs like my great grandma!

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I was just looking for nursing bras on Ebay. I am guessing I need 34 DD-DDD and maybe a stretchy one or two for the first few weeks if those are too tight. yikes.gif


I would give anything to be like a B or C cup and just go to Target and get some nursing bras! I hate needing the supportive ones.  So does my back. Not to mention the price is double. I am dreading getting any bigger.


Right now my 36D/DDs are too tight and I'm torn about what to do. I think it's too late in the game to be buying anything besides nursing bras so maybe I'll get at least one and wear it with the back extender for now.


In my closet I have a huge bag of 34Cs and Ds. Everything else has been tossed over the years. I have some really cute ones but I really only wear the comfy ones, but i can't bring myself to get rid of anything that's not worn out, you know?

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Yeah I have always wished I was a C. Normally I am a 42 F and I just took my measurements a few weeks ago and I am now a 42 I :( It is so hard to find nursing bras there are only a few brands that sell bras that big and I only wear bras without under wire so that limits my selection even more. Plus they are crazy expensive some costing more then a $100 yikes2.gif

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I think I've gotten rid of most of my pre-pregnancy bras. (I really didn't have *that* many). The thing for me is, that my rib cage has expanded since I first got pregnant over 5 years ago. But, I've been either pregnant or breastfeeding (or both) in all that time. I won't know what my "new normal" will be until this little one is weaned, which I don't anticipate for at least a couple years. Even at my smallest since being pregnant (weight-wise was only about 10 lbs up from pre-pregnancy), the smaller bras really didn't fit. I think someone mentioned saving them, and then trying them on after you've weaned, etc, and saving whichever ones still fit- that's a good idea if you have the space to store them, especially if you've spent a lot of money on them.

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