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Maternity pillows

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Hey ladies!


I'm trucking through my first trimester and about finished with it at 12 weeks! I'm already having some pretty tough back pain and I'm struggling to train myself to sleep on my side so I thought I'd invest in a maternity pillow. Have any of you tried them before? Which style did you like?


I'm particularly interested in this one because it looks like it would be useful beyond maternity and I hate single use objects! But I'm afraid I'll end up sleeping on one side all night and being sore in the morning.


I also like this one or something like it.


But really, I have no idea what I'm buying and these things are not cheap. If you have any advice or experiences to share, I'd love to hear them! Thanks!

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I like how the first one you posted is foldable and can be used in a variety of different ways. I didn't run across that one when I was doing my research.


I have one called the "Snoozer," which I think is similar to the second one you posted in terms of how it works. I really like it. Even in the first trimester, like you, I was getting aches and pains from trying to sleep on my side all night. I don't really understand the mechanism of how these pillows work (I mean, other than being soft and comfy and all that smile.gif), but I *think* it's having a pillow between my knees that somehow "aligns" me better and prevents the hip and back soreness that I was experiencing before. The body pillow aspect also gives me someplace to put my arms (I just sort of "hug" the pillow) whereas without it, I tend to put them in an awkward position and my hands fall asleep. But I would really say it's the cushion between my knees that provides the most benefit. I can sleep all night in the same position and not be stiff and achy when I wake up, which was definitely NOT the case before I got the pillow. I still occasionally wake up near morning, get annoyed at feeling "constricted" or "crowded" and chuck the pillow on the floor, but there is far less waking up, tossing and turning, etc. than before I got it. Before I felt like I was constantly waking up and turning from one side to the other.


I don't know about the Snoogle (and the first one you posted looks quite compact), but the main annoying thing about the Snoozer is that it's pretty big. (That and the pillowcase is kind of hard to get on, but I figured it out pretty well now and it's not too bad.) I find myself wishing for the first time that we had a king-size bed. There is room for me, DH, and the pillow, but if I stretch out at all, I start encroaching on his space, especially if the cats are in bed with us.

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Thanks Jennifer! We only have a queen sized bed and I am worried about some giganto pillow encroaching into my husbands space. But then again, it wouldn't kill him to be mildly uncomfortable! LoL

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I just have a memory foam body pillow that I bought on sale when pg with my DS and I have used it ever since :) When I am pg I put the lower part between my legs and then wedge the upper part under my belly as it gets bigger. When not pg I just use it between my knees. i don't think my DH loves it though, and we only have a double side bed!

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I got this one a few weeks ago and it's working pretty well! It keeps me in place pretty well - rolling all the way over isn't extremely difficult, but if I do move around in my sleep I usually end up somewhere between on my back and on my side. Also, I've set it up in the lounging position and it's really comfortable, so it will be useful post-pregnancy. It is kind of big; we have a king and it doesn't encroach on my partner's space, but if we had a queen... I'd just let him spoon the other side of the pillow! 

(It's approx. 16" between the pillows when they are attached, in case that measurement is useful) 

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I got a hand me down of this one http://www.thecompanystore.com/TCS®-Down-Free™-Maternity-Pillow/PB17x,default,pd.html and like it fairly well, but also use a pillow between my knees. I've heard good things about the snoogle, too!
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Dont know if anyone is still shoping around but i have to endorse the snoogle. I onlu bought it bc i couldnt find
another pillow and had seen snoogle on here. For me it is a life saver! I have been on bedrest in hospitzl for last week
and am only 28 weeks. Snoogle makes it so much mote bearable.
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freegirl23cat, I hope all is going well with you and your baby (or as well as can be expected). The bedrest at 28 weeks must be stressful and frustrating at the very least. I am glad the Snoogle is making it a little more tolerable. 

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Thnx mama. I have preeclampsia but baby looking good so far. It is very stressful but i
keep thinking i'd rather be here w baby inside me than her coming too early and having to leave her here.

MDC is such a great source of support and information!

Be well mamas.
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