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* Calling All Alaskan C-section Mommas! *

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Hello everyone!

The ICAN Chapters of Alaska are doing a Cesarean Quilt.

If any Alaskan wishes to participate the rules are simple.

You must be Alaskan, or had your c-section in Alaska

You must have had a c-section



Each women gets a 10x10 quilt square to decorate as she sees fit to represent her c-section(s) experience.

She can use anything do decorate the fabric; paint, markers, sewing, crayons, applique, etc. The choice is yours.

After the squares are returned our amazing volunteer quilters are going to sew them all together. We plan on displaying the quilts where ever we can, all over the state!


Please contact your local ICAN chapter or you can PM me to get your square.


ICAN of Southeast Alaska
Southeast Alaska

Contact: Jasmine Viehe
eMail Address: icanofsoutheastalaska@gmail.com
Telephone: (907)983-3486
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/ICAN-of-Southeast-Alaska/155725311152838

Or Contact:    


ICAN of Anchorage

Contact: Tammy Gifford
eMail Address: icanofanchorage@gmail.com
Telephone: 907 334 9555
Website: www.icanofanchorage.webs.com

Or Contact:    
Telephone: 907 444 9377


ICAN of Juneau

Contact: Janlaine Brady
eMail Address: icanofjuneau@yahoo.com
Telephone: (907) 957-6418
Website: www.facebook.com/people/Ican-Juneau/100002245785702

Or Contact: Paige McGuan
Telephone: (907) 635-4409


ICAN of the Central Peninsula
Soldotna, Kenai, Nikiski, Kasilof, Sterling

Contact: Annie Schwartz
eMail Address: icanofthecentralpeninsula@email.com
Website: www.facebook.com/groups/174335432663158

Or Contact: Niki Parrish
Telephone: 206-473-8885


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The project is off and Running! I'm so excited to be able to do this with my fellow Alaskan sisters!

And I have most excellent news!

The producers of "Courage to Strength" a VBAC documentary, want to use our project in their film!!


If you would like to participate, and please consider it!, all c-section moms are invited to create a quilt square!

Please contact me via Private Message or email. ICANofAnchorage@gmail.com






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That's great news!!

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I'm excited to be a part of this as well.  Fairbanks Mammas, I will soon have squares for you here in our area.  Let me know if you'd like one.  Email is the best way to contact me.  cloud9doula@gmail.com



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our first quilt is nearly done!!! 

you should see what these women are creating; it's gonna be so beautiful.

If you would like to be a part of this, please contact me.
I can put you in touch with someone local that has squares or mail one directly to you.


We will continue to make quilts as long as women are having c-sections.

1 in 3 pregnant women will have a c-section in 2012.

This project is to bring awareness to the public about high cesarean rate in the US.

We will be hanging the quilts in businesses across the state. One might be in your community soon.



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A picture of our first Quilt!

We need just 4 more squares to complete our second quilt.

I hope more of you will consider being a part of this.


if you have a square and are ready to send it back,

my address is


ICAN of Anchorage

c/o Tammy Gifford

4027 James Dr

Anchorage, AK



All materials as well as the quilting is being donated by generous supporters.

If you'd like to make a contribution to the Cesarean Mothers' Quilt fund, you can do so by sending $1 - $10 to PayPal (roadfamily6now@hotmail.com)

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