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This could be a starting point for an appropriately qualified reader or contributor to this site, wanting to commence a career in men's health (and of course, ultimately address the harms of circumcision), who is willing to relocate to Adelaide, Australia.






The Centre:

The Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health takes a multi-disciplinary approach to men’s health that addresses both physical and psychological health concerns across the lifespan. Through its members, the Centre is actively engaged in research programs in the areas of male ageing, male obesity and diabetes, prostate cancer, male androgens (hormones), sexual and reproductive health, male mental health and evidence-based preventive health programs.

The Candidate:

To qualify as an applicant you must:

1. Be an Australian citizen or have Permanent Resident status in Australia

2. Hold either an Honours degree (1st Class or 2A) or Master’s degree in a health related field


3. Be able to meet the admission requirements for enrolment in a Higher Degree by Research program at the University of Adelaide


4. Familiarity with analytical research methods will be advantageous


As usual, if anyone should happen to be successful in landing a job or contract they first saw on these forums, it would be greatly appreciated if they could donate a certain percentage of net income (maybe 5%-10%) to an anti-circumcision organisation/s in the U.S., or perhaps in this instance, Australia (or if you're not confident in donating the money, invest a similar amount in your own anti-circumcision activities).

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